Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sedums Change


The 'Autumn Joy' Sedums continue their fall progression of colors, now that they are in full bloom they are lovely, soft-pink landing platforms for the army of bees that swarm around them constantly. Strangely, while the bumblebees adore the Joe Pye Weed (whose form is remarkably like the sedum) they don't seem to frequent the Sedum, which is favored by the smaller honeybees. My little patch of sedum practically looks like the bee version of Studio 54...especially with all the gold lamé and the bees doing lines of pollen ;-)



  1. Wow, you have some wild bees there! I haven't noticed them doing lines of pollen here :)
    That first picture is so pretty, I love all the colors.

  2. I love that first photo, too. Your sedums are nice and full. Mine in the front must not be in enough sun, as they are floppy.

  3. Are there surly doormen and bouncers to keep the riff-raff out, or can any bee get in?

  4. I love the sedums at this time of year. I've no Joe Pyeweed in the garden but I didn't realise the flowers looked so similar. Beautiful compostion to your photos Scott. Thanks for having me on your blogroll. I've just added yours to my blogroll page on lnb.