Friday, December 3, 2010

To Blog, or Not To Blog

A fellow blogger over at Danger Garden posted recently on why she blogs and posed the question to fellow bloggers. I had to think it over for a bit, as I think the reason I started the blog and the reason I continue it are different.
As far as I can remember, I started the blog a few years ago, mostly out of boredom. I didn't have a focus or a solid idea. It was a random assortment of ideas and subjects. My partner had a blog and I thought it was a novel idea and thought, "hey, i've got thoughts, maybe other people will care about my thoughts too!" Well, with no clear direction, I kind of floundered, I maybe had 5 posts in the first year!

Then we bought our first house...something I've dreamed about for so long. After years of moving from one apartment to another, I finally had a place of my own...and finally a place to garden again! I re-named my blog and jumped in. It would be a sort of journal and record of all the things we did with the house (definitely a fixer-upper), but mostly focused on the garden. It was also a nice way to update my family, who still live back in Nebraska and Tennessee, about what's going on. Since I love photography and was constantly taking pics of the garden anyway, I already had a huge amount of imagery at my disposal. It's so great to look at posts during the year and seeing the progression of the garden...and what I was obsessing about during any given time!
I think my blog started out as more of a me-centered project, but with more and more people reading and commenting, it's become more interactive, which I love. There is something wonderful and encouraging about getting comments. It's also extremely informative. There is such an amazing network of garden bloggers, each with their own cache of wisdom. I've gotten so much wonderful advice and feedback from so many great people. I get so excited when I log on and see new comments! I've also grown to look forward to so many of my fellow-bloggers posts!

I hope to keep blogging, even during the winter, when there isn't really much going on. I do find that I have a lot of ideas for posts, but it's difficult to gather all my resources and make a comprehensive, coherent post at times. I'm hoping this coming year to focus on refining the existing garden (an ongoing process for all of us) and really give detailed postings on new projects. I think one of my favorite things to see on other people's blogs are the posts on what DIDN'T's so useful and helpful to see things that aren't perfect! Anyway, here's to all my fellow garden matter why you do it, keep it up!



  1. Dear Scott, I so agree with you that we begin to blog for one reason and continue to blog for another. I began with the soul purpose of chronicling my gardening progress. It was just for me ... to compare my garden from year to year, and to use the information as a planning tool for the next year. After nearly 3 years of blogging, I now first consider my audience with everything I post. I also blog to learn from others ... and I continue to learn so much from wonderful bloggers like you.

    Love the pictures of your house through the seasons. P.

  2. Oh I love that you took my question and made your own blog post about it...your answering my post this way really helps to sum up what is so great about this interactive medium. I'm glad you jumped in to blogging and look forward to reading more about your evolving garden!

    (oh and a random aside I think this is the first time I heard you have family in Tennessee too. We spent a few days there (Nashville) last month visiting my husbands father. I was surprised by how much gardening space there is given over to "the lawn" it was amazing!)

  3. Someone wrote she has blogged about her garden for a full year, nothing more to say, goodbye. But she came back. Posts less often now. I still have ideas after the first year. The joy of blogging is that you can change your focus, go in a different direction ...

  4. Thank you Scott for your sharing!

    Each has the own reason to blog but it is a pleasure to see gardens of the others, to learn full of things about plants...

    It also allows to share, which wealth!

    I blog to dream, just to live the work in the garden more easily... At the moment I am under the snow...
    In the pleasure to read to you maybe on my blog!

  5. Well, I really hope you do continue blogging Scott, because we'd all miss you if you stopped. As for why we do it? Sometimes I ask myself the same question, but I'm hoping to compile all my garden visits into a book one day and if it sells, donate any profit to my hospital in India. That's enough to keep me going ... and of course, we're about to begin work on the garden in India!

  6. I'm glad you're continuing to blog. You have such great photography and I really love seeing what you grow in your garden since you're not that far from me. I've gone through ups and downs about blogging, but as long as I don't put pressure on myself about it, it stays fun.
    I love seeing the different seasons in your garden.

  7. Scott,
    It's been a pleasure getting to know you and your garden. I can't remember exactly why I started, but I think I was unconsciously seeking community, but a community of like-minded gardeners, or at least gardeners I could feel at home with. It's hard to do that within my local geography. The few garden clubs here don't really have male members, and the social side seems to be much more important than thinking and talking about gardening. So it's happening here. Please keep it up.

  8. I love seeing your garden's metamorphosis . . . blogging can really help us organize and document our love of gardening. It is great to look over the changes throughout the year and years. Lovely post Scott!

  9. Scott - your subject is so timely. I've been only blogging since February and going into my 1st 'fallow' season. I post much more infrequently, but find I miss the 'gardener interaction' with fellow bloggers. (Funny to think that back in February, I didn't even know the Blogosphere was so interactive! I didn't even know about 'following'... or Blog directories.)

    BTW, your home is absolutely charming and welcoming!! You are gifted...

  10. It is nice to hear why others are so similarly possessed. I gave a more extensive comment over to the Danger Garden, but basically I enjoy the interaction and sharing that goes on among garden bloggers.

  11. Hi Scott,
    I did some blog reading this evening, and hadn't made it down my blog roll to yours yet. I was about to go get ready for bed, but when I saw your subject, I had to come read your post.

    I started blogging because I had been participating in a garden forum where folks with dial up internet complained if one posted too many photos. When others there put in links to their blogs, I decided that was for me, because I could be in control what I posted, and could put as many photos as I wanted to.

    I always have ideas for posts, but like you, don't always have time to get the photos or to write them. I go through times I think I should take a break from blogging, but haven't had the will to do it so far. I am posting less lately. I hope to manage my time so I can get rid of clutter in my house this winter so I can spend more time outside next summer.

    I enjoy the interaction, too. It's cool knowing folks from all over the world.

    I always enjoy your posts when I get a chance to visit. I love your yard and house!

  12. Blog on dear Scott, or less you deprive your readers of vicarious gardening pleasures. Love to see your garden through its changes and seasons.

  13. Started as a marketing ploy...soon became a friendship circle. Keep being surprised by the satisfaction of interaction.

  14. Yes, mine started out as more of a me-centric thing too. I thought, well, I know stuff, I grow stuff, I'll just put it out there on the internet and see what happens. My husband laughed at me when I first started, he say yeah we'll see how long this lasts. I didn't even read blogs before I started blogging. I had no idea there were so many other plant crazed people just like me out there. I haven't reached my one year anniversary yet, but it's been fun so far. I think my blog has moved from a 100% me-centric blog to more of a 50% me and 50% me telling everyone what I just learned about or did wrong or how I did something...hmmm maybe that is still 100% me. Hopefully, someone is being entertained or has picked up a tip or two from it.

  15. I am so pleased to have come across your informative blog Scott and look forward to your posts during the winter months :)

  16. One more reason to blog... for me it was helping my clients to understand the climate and plants of our beautiful (and challenging) central coast. Working as a professional gardener, I spend a fair amount of my time walking around gardens explaining these things to my clients, and found there was a serious lack of information on the topic. So I just put out there what I know and hope it helps a few folks.

  17. Nice big pumpkin.

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  18. Hey Scott! I really like this for thinking and looking back on why we blog. Love the house seasons! Perfect! Your photography is wonderful! Happy New Year...I'll look back on you!

  19. Happy New Year ~ I just found your blog while reading a list of blogs, and am looking forward to visiting regularly. Congrats on your first home, I love it and your gardens as well.

    I timidly started blogging two years ago and have come to love it and meeting fellow bloggers.

    Happy Gardening in 2011 ~ FlowerLady

  20. I blog to share what I've learned about various plants from growing them here in WI both from a retail grower standpoint and a gardener standpoint. I have ideas for posts all the time, but getting the motivation and time to write them is a problem. (I'm very much not motivated to finish my Heuchera series for some reason) Keep blogging Scott, I enjoy reading this and you take great pics!

  21. Yup, I remember your house. There was a garage sale there two or three years ago... and the funny double driveway. You must've bought the house just after that, right? I certainly don't remember all these gorgeous perennials from when I used to walk by with my dog or my kiddo.