Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walking the Cat

gordon rolling around 1  377
Our cat, Gordon, enjoying her evening stroll.

In my last post, I think more people were intrigued by the idea of me walking my cat than of the garden, so I thought I'd just do a quickie follow-up. Our little cat, Gordon, who had lived in an apartment her whole life until we bought this house a few years ago, has suddenly become obsessed with going outside. There's a slight problem, however...well, a few, really.

Orange Cat Stalking Gordon
Gordon (in the distance) being stalked by Boots...the sweet neighborhood cat.

I don't like it when people just let their cats roam around freely in the city. There is too much chance of them getting hurt or killed (cars, bigger animals, etc.) and also a large opportunity for them to be a nuisance to others...not to mention all the wildlife they kill. Also, our cat is declawed...so she has no way to defend herself or even climb a tree if she gets in trouble.

Boots attempts to play with Gordon...she ain't havin' it!

Therefore, Norm (my partner) and I must escort her whenever she goes outside to explore...usually in the morning and evening. This usually means that Norm watches Gordon while I putter around the garden, watering things, pulling weeds, and generally fussing over things.

Orange Cat in Catmint  376
One of the neighborhood cats who has adopted us enjoys some freshly-cut Catmint (Nepeta) from the garden. Don't let his sweet face fool you, he is a stone-cold killer...bringing us a constant supply of birds and squirrels.

gordon in heaven  378
Gordon's favorite outside activity...rolling around in the sun.


  1. I enjoyed your last post about walking the cat. Now this post just takes the whole win. And you don't want to get me started about people that let their animals loose to maybe be killed or bully another animal or person.

    Gordon is flat out adorable and I am in love. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love the post. I know - makes me nervous with outdoor cats- cars, bigger animals etc... Just scary. At our old house in Houston we had a fenced in backyard and Sophie loved to venture out but here in Austin there is a pitbull in the back that jumps the fence and I am just not going to risk it- (for obvious reasons- and I am not a "down with the pitbull" person at all- blame the owner not the breed... but still....) much to Sophie's dismay, she remains indoors. It is pitiful really how she sits and stares out the back door. Ellie could care less however as she has never been out- she is far more interested in paper bags. Cute post. Glad your kitty gets to go out and that you and your partner watch over him. He's got good parents. =)

  3. Great post about your cat, she's so sweet! Once it stops raining, one of my cats becomes obsessed with going out too. We only let her out in the fenced backyard, and she rarely even ventures off the porch. I think she just likes the fresh air, or the feeling of freedom. Like you, we have lots of neighborhood cats that roam freely, and I fear a confrontation between mine and them.

    Gordon looks so peaceful in that last shot!

  4. Gordon is absolutely adorable.........Makes me want to do a post about Diego Dogg here at Beech Street.

  5. Cats are cats..Had a dog and cat combo once. Say what? combo? Yeah, a black and white border collie and a black and white cat. When we walked the dog, the cat would follow alongside about 8-10 feet away, no matter how far we walked. When we passed neighbors I can't even imagine what they thought. I thought about wearing black and white clothes.: 0
    Good thoughts! thanks for the remembrance.

  6. They say cats don't miss the outdoors, but I think they do. To roll in the sunshines-what a treat. Looks like Gordon isn't wanting any company though.

  7. Adorable! He looks like our cat Bartholomew.

  8. Glad you walk your cat, so she can get some outside exercise but still feel safe. Yes, Boots looks like a trouble maker! :)

  9. Gordon is adorable, and it sounds like you have a perfect arrangement with your partner for the walking. That cat posing in the catmint is a total cutie, as well!

  10. Gordon looks like a dear, sweet cat. I'm glad you and Norm are responsible pet owners. It bugs me no end how some people don't take care of their cats. :)

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  12. I am so glad you did a post as I was really interested in 'your cat walking' Scott. Gordon just looks so adorable lying there in that photo and she has such lovely markings on her fur aswell. Boots reminds me of our neighbours cat who does roam quite abit and we have to be careful as he will jump in through an open window or door and then start crying for attention.

  13. Lovely photos. Always a treat to see the kitties!

  14. This makes more sense than what I pictured in my head. I just could not see a cat walking (voluntarily) at the end of a leash.