Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Springtime Visit to Joy Creek!

Joy Creek Spring 2013
You may remember that the week before last week, I went nursery hopping with a group of fellow garden geeks. That first post focused mainly on some of the cool plants from Xera Plants, this post will cover the second leg of our trip, to the always-wonderful Joy Creek in Scappoose.

It's no secret that Joy Creek is pretty much my favorite nursery in the Portland area, so I'm thrilled at any excuse to visit.

Amsonia and Sedum
Joy Creek was the first place I saw an Amsonia in real life...and loved it instantly. Here, we see a newly-emerging Amsonia mingling with a Sedum.

AcquilegiaBaptisia Seed Pod
Few plants have the care-free charm of Columbines...and you know I love me some seed pods, especially these smoky-black Baptisia seed pods.

red euphorbia  3339
This striking reddish Euphorbia seems to pop up everywhere at Joy Creek...so beautiful!

I'm not entirely sure, but I think these serrated leaves are some type of Stachys...what do you think???

Yellow Epimedium
The only thing prettier than these little Epimedium flowers was the red-flushed foliage...gorgeous!

White HelleboreThalictrum
More belles of the spring garden, Hellebore and Thalictrum...how cool are those purple stems!

Sedum and Stone
I love how this Sedum cascades over the large rocks...sublime!

I find the crenelated edges on the foliage of this Teucrium quite fetching.

Ahhh...this really makes me miss my own Rheum palmatum...alas, it was not meant to be.

SpireaRodgersia stand
What great foliage contrasts...who doesn't want a stand of Rodgersia emergine from smoldering Epimedium foliage!

How can you not love that foliage?!?

Violet patch
I don't think I've ever noticed quite how many Violets there were at Joy Creek before this visit...they were everywhere!

vilets and wheelViolets and Hellebores
More Violets...

And this charming little groundcover, Vancouveria, I think?

Blue Pulsatilla Clump
Hello, my little Pulsatilla!

Red Pulsatilla 3Blue Pulsatilla
Red or Purple...you can't go wrong...

Pulsatilla seedheads
...especially when they are followed by seed heads like these!

clematis fence
Of course, a trip to Joy Creek isn't complete without visiting a few Clematis.

pink clematis
So elegant!

Paris in the springtime?

Mystery Grass
I'm not entirely sure what this is...but I loved it emerging green and vibrant from the remnants of last years' growth.

I'm not sure what this is...some type of large Lamium, perhaps?

Persicaria bistortapapaver
Persicaria and Papaver, together at last.

Gravel Path 2
You never know what's around the bend of these paths.

Love these Iris leaves, like tongues of green flame.

On the left, the emerging leaves of Inula (I think), on the right, the wonderful Mukdenia rossii.

Gunnera always captures my imagination...like something truly prehistoric.

ferns u nfolding
Few things seem so full of hope and life as do the unfurling fronds of ferns.

fern fronds
I hope I never get so old and jaded that I stop feeling a thrill at their appearance.

Love the light on these serrated leaves.

camassiablue eyed grass
And I leave you with two more beauties, Camassia and Sisyrinchium. I hope you enjoyed this little tour...and if you're ever in the area, drop by Joy Creek...you won't be sorry :-)
Oh, and did I get anything? Well, in spite of dwindling (um, non-existant) free space, I have to limit my purchases, but did get some Knautia 'Ruby Star', which I have had in the garden for a few years and adore. I also got a trio of Persicaria affinis...which looks innocent, but can eventually for a matt of foliage 3-4' across, perfect for smothering Popweed, I think ;-)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2013

Once again, Bloom Day snuck up on me...blame it on a busy weekend at Hortlandia! It's amazing how much the garden changes in a months time, isn't it...especially in spring, things seem to change every single day.

Mukdenia rossii
The Mukdenia 'Crimson Fans' that was just starting to bloom last month are in full bloom...not the showiest, I'll grant you...but charming, nonetheless.

Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides) are pretty much a weed in my garden...still, they are pretty when in bloom.

Geranium macrorrhizum
A great garden stalwart, Geranium macrorrhizum, always comes through. I love working around these plants, as they smell wonderful.

euphorbia dixterYellow Tulips
Euphorbia 'Dixter' is about to be gifted to another gardener (one with better luck with Euphorbias). I'm glad it got to bloom one last time in my garden. Tulips are pretty much the stars of the April show here in my garden...sadly, they are all random mixes from various box stores...so I have no idea what variety they are.

purple iris and yellow tulip
You just can't beat purple and yellow in springtime. These purple Iris are some of the many Iris that I inherited with the house. I've been slowly replacing some of them with different Iris cultivars, both for some variety, and to extend their season. I'll always keep a few of these beauties, though.

Fragraria pink panda
Just about the time I forget about it, the ornamental Strawberry starts to bloom! I think this one is called 'Pink Panda'

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum odoratum variegatum) always surprises me by popping out of the sea of Oxalis in the shady north border.

HomogladPink and Purple Tulips
Ahhhh, spring time...there's nothing quite like it!

It's so great, knowing the whole growing season is just starting...and there is so much yet to come.

pink tulip sunset
For more blooms from around the world, check out May Dreams Garden...and Happy Bloom Day, everyone!