Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garden Tetris

Moving Plant DIagram
Well, do you remember how earlier this year I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have any more areas to plant, that the era of "big projects" was over. Well, guess what, this spring has been as busy and fraught with anxiety as any spring in the past. This has been due, in part, to the fact that I've been moving practically every plant in my garden to a new location. It's part of the never-ending process of editing a garden...something which we all do, right?

You might remember a few posts ago that I talked about this one spot, which is always tricky. The Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' that were planted here were languishing in the heavy clay. Over the past few years, I've realized that trying to force plants to grow in conditions that don't suit them makes both me AND the plants unhappy. More than ever, I'm embracing the "Right Plant, Right Place," mantra.

Agastache Trio Happy
For reference, this is what happy Agastache look like. They are growing in the front parking strip in (more-or-less) full sun and in the only soil on my property that could be considered (by a VERY lax interpretation) as free-draining soil.

Agastache Desert Sunrise front
By comparison, this is one of the 'Desert Sunrise' plants that were moved from the aforementioned "problem area". Kinda sad, right?

Moving Plant DIagram2
Unfortunately, my garden has NO free space anymore, so moving plants invariably means a complex game of musical chairs. Here you can see that moving these three Agastaches involved a series of additional moves.

Side Strip Plan
Here, on the North Parking Strip, I moved a trio of Agastache 'Blue Boa'(C) out from in front of the Anemanthele, since they were too close and hid the grass during summer. Now the Anemanthele gets to strut its stuff and is underplanted with a few Sedum 'Oracle' (A). Two of the Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' (B) were placed in the spots vacated by a few Sedum 'Matrona' that I divided up for last weekends plant swap.

Sedum October DaphneAgastache Blue Boa v
Where did the Agastache 'Blue Boa' go, you may ask? Over in the front parking strip, I had stupidly planted a trio of Sedum 'October Daphne' right in front of a clump of Panicum 'Northwind'. From the moment I planted them there, I knew I would move them. Having a 6' tall grass step down into a 6" tall Sedum looked way too silly. The Agastache 'Blue Boa' reaches are more sensible 16-18", so will transition the Panicum much more smoothly than the Sedum did.

OMG...but what about the front slope where the Agastaches were, you're asking? Well, I went round and round about what to put there...and, as you may remember, my first choice was Pennisetum 'Vertigo'. Well, I thought about it some more, but ultimately decided the area needed something different and more in keeping with the rest of the garden. So, in my grand tradition of being totally contradictory, I decided to move things around even MORE. I relocated a few Lobelia gerardii (C) and have now planted a scattered trio of Deschampsia cespitosa (B). The remaining space will be filled with a few Sanguisorbia 'Tanna'(A) and random seedlings of Verbena bonariensis. Do you think I'm crazy...yes, I probably am. The good news, ALL of these plants can tolerate heavy soils.

SE Corner Experiments c
If things actually work out the way they should (hahahaha, funny, I know), I'm hoping that maybe by next year, I'll have something like this to enjoy! Believe it or not, this is only a tiny fraction of the plants I've been moving around...soon I'll share the backyard redo. Sadly, we've been woefully short on precipitation this spring, which is especially annoying since I've actually had to water these new plants a few times. Usually, I can count on a steady supply of rain until at least June.

How about all of you? Have any of you been playing Garden Tetris?


  1. That will look stunning this year, nice changes. It is a constant editing process in my garden and I'm still not finished with all the areas to be planted the first time.

    Agastache is too picky, it likes our rocky soil but doesn't like hot summers.

    1. Oh Shirley, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who seems to constantly be changing things ;-)

  2. Ooh, it's going to look so good! I love playing garden Tetris. There's something so satisfying about getting newness out of a plant that you already own.

    1. That's so true, Heather, like second Christmas ;-)

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about these moves!

    The lack of rain is odd isn't it? I keep forgetting that I need to water things I've planted/'s not normal! What will August bring?

    1. too! I'm more than a little nervous about what the rest of the year will be like...ugh!

  4. My husband actually said to me, "Why do you make so much work for yourself constantly moving plants around?" He doesn't get it. We actually had to turn on the sprinkler system for the first time in April. This led to me having to pull out a lot of hardy geranium as they were blocking too many sprinklers causing other plants not to get hit at all. Sigh. Taking plants out it less fun that finding new plants to put in. In the mean time I also realized that a giant bird house had mostly been blocking a sprinkler for you know, 9 years. I'm apparently quick that way.
    Can you believe that it may be hitting the 80's this weekend?? Heather

    1. Hahahaha...that sounds like something I would do, Heather! I spent most of last summer watering, only to realize that our neighbor's chickens had been scratching around in my garden so much that they had moved all the little drip none of the plants were actually getting watered...UGH!

  5. I have been playing several games of garden Tetris this spring in my back garden, and continuing on this week with one or two more in the front garden, with plants whose conditions I've misjudged. The logistics of it can be so complicated, with figuring out what to start with and what gets moved next. Like you, I've just discovered that I am going to be spending a lot of time this spring and summer watering, watering, watering. I am determined that this week will be the last of it, until fall, when the fall rains can water stuff in for me.

    1. You definitely have been moving a lot of stuff around, Alison...I think you even have me beat!

  6. I'm constantly moving things around too. Scott, your garden always looks gorgeous, but I totally understand how you feel. It's so hard to know how a plant will do in your particular space - too big, too small? But this is the process right?

    1. It's so very true...we are all constantly learning what will work in our gardens...labels and books will only get you so far!

  7. Lovely yard! I am a new gardener so I know in a couple years time I will be doing garden Tetris to fix some of my experimental newbie plantings. Your blog is an inspiration. Thanks! -k

    1. Hahahaha...welcome to the fold...I think you probably aren't a gardener until you've moved a plant at least 3 times ;-)

  8. This may sound like sacrilege to you, but I sort of envy your small garden, where you can concentrate on moving things around until you get it just right.

    1. HERESY! haha, just kidding, there are definite benefits to having a small garden...sometimes I think my biggest problem, though, is trying to cram too much in a small space...sigh!

  9. They say that your not a real gardener until you've moved a plant at least three times. So you are well on your way, LOL! I garden in clay soil too and I definitely have to pick the right time to move plants around. After a good rain when the clay is soften is good. Your garden looks fab!

    1. true!!! You're completely right...the texture of our soil really dictates when we can move/plant...there's a definite window that works best, right?!

  10. This is completely off-the-wall, but when I saw the first photo I got excited: I thought you were adding some big colored arch sculptures to your yard. :)

    I don't do much plant moving, because I always get it perfect the first time -- I mean still have plenty of space to expand beds if needed. Plus things inevitably die each winter, leaving holes to fill. My biggest problem is estimating the amount of space that each plant needs by the end of the summer. I hate gaps so tend to pack things in -- like you do it seems.

    1. Hahahahahaha...that would be kind of awesome, wouldn't it! I'm exactly the same way...I hate looking at bare ground...and definitely plant too closely...blurg!

  11. Wasn't sure what Tetris is so have had to look it up but I did think that all your manoeuvres seemed like a game of chess
    Scott :) Hope that all are happy with their new spots and thrive accordingly especially the agastaches which started it all off.

  12. Gardeners are restless souls, we always want to change and improve. This is something my spouse does not understand. It's nice, why can't you just leave it, she asks. And I answer: because it's imperfections, and the fact that it could be so much better, is causing me emotional pain. By the way, I like to use Agastache, but mine are all Agastache foeniculum, which may be more adaptable than the varieties you are using. Although blue is the only color it comes in.

    1. It's good to know there are so many kindred spirits out there, Jason...and yes, our spouses will never understand...and it's impossible to explain it well. I do think you're right, we're restless...and the garden never quite lives up to the dream we have in our heads, does it ;-)

  13. I think think plants get tired being in the same spot for to long, dig um up , split um , move um...

    1. Hahahaha...that makes me feel MUCH better, LInda...I'm just giving them a change of scenery!

  14. Your garden always looks gorgeous and your moves will make it even more so! If you really need to have some big projects to make you feel better, I've got several that you could do in my garden! Always tryin' to help!

  15. I had to laugh at Alan's comment because my first take on this post was quite similar: "Scott went wild and installed a bright, modern stabile in the garden?" Do you in fact plan plant moves out by drawing them up thusly? I'm certainly getting to the moving stage with my limited garden space and maturing plants, but my poor 3-D capabilities keep me from complete plant Tetris.

    1. Hahaha...glad I can keep you guessing, Jane! Naw...that was just my attempt to help readers visualize all the moves I had made. I generally just keep it all in my head...which is why it takes me so long to actually DO the moving around...I keep changing my mind...and getting turned around in the process ;-)

  16. You sound like an artist at work and plants are your medium :) Moving plants all over is just part of the fun of gardening. Can be frustrating and a daunting at times but satisfying once you see and feel that plants were moved to the right place.

    Looking forward to seeing what the garden, with the plants moved, looks like later in the season. With plants moved to where you feel they will do well, they will thank you for it!

    1. It's so frustrating as it can be to have to do the actually moving around...and waiting for the plants to (hopefully)'s the constant challenge that keeps things interesting!

  17. I admire your poofy grasses, they are such an accent. The bronzy one is charming.

    1. I love them too, Hannah...I hope they actually look like that at some point!

  18. Scott, this is so funny, been doing the same thing with my small property. I hate to eliminate anything so I just redo the puzzle. I have been working for the past two years on a four season garden, not an easy task in the Chicago area, but it actually can be done!


    1. Exactly, Eileen...I can't bring myself to throw plants away, so if I can't find another home for them elsewhere, I just move things around!

  19. Scott I need help. I just got some aghastache blue fortune. It looks like it needs to be pinched back. Can I pinch aghastache to make it a little bushier at the bottom?

    1. Absolutely, David...pinch away! I think I'd wait until they are about 1/2 their full height and pinch off the tips, right above the next growing point...will definitely keep them shorter and bushier :-)

  20. If plants aren't moving, it's not gardening :). We're always on the hunt for new plants or new ways to combine plants to create that perfect season spanning vignette. I've moved more stuff this year than in the last five and I'm not done. A few have been shovel pruned, something I don't do enough.

    As gardeners we are our own worse critics. What drives us is the creative process. Your garden looked great last year and it will look great this year. Next year you'll shuffle more things around and it will still look great. What fun!

    1. It's so true...and it's something I'm finally admitting to myself...that we are driven to constantly change things!

  21. I have always thought your garden to be absolutely beautiful and would not have thought there was a bad plant in the lot. It sounds like you have given this plan quite some thought and you will be happy with the outcome.

    1. Let's hope so, Patty...if not, there's always next year ;-)

  22. I'm dizzy! Love seeing these plants big and beautiful. Spring is just emerging here. I did move a plant yesterday - as in one plant that wasn't happy. I am still constructing and planning new garden beds and haven't quite accomplished the fine editing yet. Your garden is beautiful!

    1. Ahhh...that initial planning is the best...have fun!

  23. All the time, Scott, all the time. Your changes sound like good ones -- can't wait to see the result later this summer and fall. I like your blog's new subtitle too.

    1. Thanks, Pam...we're always striving to make it better, right!

  24. Move plants? Never. LOL! I am the queen of moving flowers here but this spring I have not moved a one....yet. LOL! The changes will be great Scott and the plants will spring right out of it in their new locations. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I hope you post on the plants you DO move this I feel better, Lona ;-)

  25. I rarely move plants. I'm still filling space. Except in the city garden. I may be imitating you there.

    1. a small space, it becomes a necessary evil, James ;-)

  26. I've moved lots of plants this spring and, gulp, composted quite a few. I always plant way too dense so am fighting this tendency like mad. (And I think the sedum and panicum would have looked great! I love that contrast in textures and height.)

    1. Ouch, are stronger than I am...I'm such a softy!

  27. I am just getting to the stage of wanting to 'edit'; mostly because I don't want so many different plants but much bolder drifts. But then where do I put the things I take out? Great post, I love the way you did the images, must have taken ages. Christina

    1. I love that Idea, Christina...and I strive to do that more and more too...simplify and edit!

  28. Not nearly as much as I need to be doing. We have had a very wet spring, I mean big rains that have kept the mud too slick to plant, but I may go ahead and edit when it dries out even though I will be needing to baby them all summer. I stop by here for inspiration and combination ideas frequently and I loved this post! Thanks, gail

    1. OMG, Gail...I know that feeling...usually I'm the one out there planting things in the muck and the mud! Good luck with your plantings!

  29. Scott, after seeing all your pinterest bungalow and Victorian postings, I think someone's itching to expand their garden and square footage. Am I right?

  30. I understand the "musical plants" routine--I had quite the project this year as so many plants needed dividing.

    My agastache have dwindled over the years, but it is now difficult to find my favorites as the nurseries are pushing the new varieties. I'll take the older ones, please. Not to be found.

    1. I know what you mean, Freda, I had a hard time finding 'Black Adder' last took me forever!

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  33. Just wanted to say I love your front garden. Great job!

  34. I don't know how you think you can possibly improve on what appears to the rest of us as perfection, but I understand all too well. From the gardener's point of view, there is always something that can be improved. I have moved a new flame leaf sumac three times in the last two months. I think I will let it grow a couple of roots into the ground now.

    1. Haha...there is ALWAYS room for improvement, right?!? It always makes me feel better to know other gardeners do the same thing ;-)

  35. I play Garden Tetris every fall. I start making my plans during the summer and write it all down. If I still feel the same way about a plant/location come fall, out come the trowels and shovels. Gardens are dynamic rather than static which makes rearranging stuff an annual event. :o) Your garden looks fabulous!

    1. That is so true...and I have a few plants that I'm am doing exactly that with this year...if they still haven't made an impression by fall, I'm replacing them with something point in flogging the poor things, is there?

  36. I like your graphic. Not sure what they would be made of, maybe crepe paper around arches of PVC, but I kind of want to see some bright arches installed as a temporary party decoration some day.

    1. it, I'd love to see someone do it in real life!

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  39. You crack me up. It all looks fantastic. I love love love Agastache. We do the Tutti Frutti which I like and does well here. I have it at home as well and the hummers love it. Beautiful garden as usual. =0) Happy GBBD!

  40. Your place always looks awesome to me, but I understand your compulsion, or whatever it is. I also do a lot of moving things around.

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