Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bloom Day October 2013

GBBD October 2013
Ahhhh...it's October...and yet again, Bloom Day has snuck up on me! Luckily, unlike the summer months, there are fewer blooms in my garden...which means a shorter (and quicker) Bloom Day post!

boots in sun  3631
Even though it's less floriferous right now, this is my favorite time in the garden...so why don't you come along with me and my constant sidekick, Boots for a stroll around.

agastache desert sunrise  3632
You can definitely tell the Agastache are winding down for the year...there are still blooms...but not of the same volume as last month. Here, we have Agastache 'Desert Sunrise'.

agastache liquorice candy  3641
Agastache 'Liquorice Candy' has been a total superstar this year...it's STILL going strong!

agastache purple haze
The blooms of Agastache 'Purple Haze' are subtler than most Agastache...but are still lovely...especially now, paired with garden foliage that's transitioning to golds and ambers.

anemone  3637
Japanese Anemones are a mainstay of Portland area gardens...and for good reason...pumping out these elegant blooms at a time when things are winding down.

epatorium rugosum  3663
While I grow it mainly for it's purple-tinted foliage for most of the growing season, the Eupatorium rugosum does bloom...and it's always a delight to see these drifts of fluffy white blooms appearing interspersed throughout the garden.

aster  3656
I only have a few Asters in my garden, for some reason. I go this one (ID uncertain) at a plant exchange this spring...and it's been a winner...I'm going to scatter the seeds around this winter, to encourage a few volunteers...I'd love to have these pop up around the garden.

aster prince  3654
My favorite Aster is 'Prince', mostly because it has dark purplish foliage during the earlier part of the year. Come fall, however, and it festoons itself with millions of these tiny little white blooms...I love it!

astaer prince  3660
Here it is again, paired with Agastache 'Golden Jubilee', which finished blooming months ago...but still contributes the structure of it's stems and seedheads.

boots on barrel  3633
Boots surveys his realm.

solidago  3651
Another Autumn classic, Goldenrod (Solidago 'Fireworks'). This was a gift form a fellow gardener...and it's performed amazingly well, especially considering it was overwhelmed earlier in the year by Geranium 'Ann Folkard'.

rudebckia triloba  3650
I've probably posted too often about how much I love Rudbeckia triloba...it just works so well in my garden...popping up here and there and looking amazing with absolutely no effort on my part.

verbena bonariensis  3652
Because it's a day that ends in "y", Verbena is blooming...all over the garden! Here, we see it rubbing shoulders with seedheads of Rudbeckia.

verbena bonariensis  3653
Here it is again, mixing it up with some grasses.

verbena bonariensis  3643
And yet again, hobnobbing with Rudbeckia triloba.

verbena rigida polaris  3634
A different Verbena, Verbena rigida 'Polaris'...another great, easy performer that just keeps blooming all spring, summer and fall.

salvia amistad  3661
I don't think my Salvia 'Amistad' gets enough sun or water in the pot I have it planted it...the ones I've seen on other blogs are MUCH bigger and more floriferous.

selinum  3640
The Selinum are just barely blooming...it's hard to tell when they cease being blooms and start being seedheads.

persicarial firetail  3646
Persicarias always seem to rally during the cooler days of Autumn. Here, we have 'Firetail', which flagged a bit last month, but is surging with new growth and blooms.

persicaria lance corporal  3635
Persicaria 'Lance Corporal' is grown mostly for it's handsome foliage, but when it blooms, watch out! It practically explodes with hundreds of wiry stems, studded with red, jewel-like blooms.

persicaria golden arrow  3644
Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' is gorgeous for such a long period of time...it has gorgeous foliage, and blooms seemingly forever. Here, we see it slumping slightly, mingling with Panicum 'Shenandoah'

geranium rozanne  3645
Of course Geranium 'Rozanne' is still blooming...and now those gorgeous lavender-blue blooms are joined with scarlet foliage.

erysimum  3638
That good old Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' is still blooming...yup.

clematis tibetana  3657
The Clematis tibetana has reached monstrous proportions this year...practically swallowing up the back yard...and our house with it. Strangely, it's not blooming as heavily as it has in years past.

boots closeup  3648
So, there you have it, a glimpse of most of what's blooming in my garden at the moment. Thanks for joining Boots and myself...now let's take a look at some wide shots!

north border from west  3669
Here we have the North Border looking East.

north border from east  3668
The same border, looking west.

front border from north  3670
Here's the Front Border, looking South.

front border from south  3673
And again, looking North.

front view autumn  3667
And here's a view of the whole thing! I hope you enjoyed our little romp around my tiny garden...and hope you check out all the other Bloom Day posts at May Dreams Garden. Happy Bloom Day!


  1. I did enjoy this autumn look at what's flowering in your garden! Thanks to you and the adorable Boots.

  2. I definitely need to get some Japanese Anemone -- saw some yesterday at the zoo, and they were wonderful, a spring-looking bloom at the end of the season! Also, Aster 'Prince' -- I'm getting that too, or something very much like it. And maybe some more Persicarias too. You are helping my local nurseries make some late-season sales. :)

    1. Hahaha...I do what I can, Alan! I think all of those plants would look awesome in your garden!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    Boots is one lucky cat!

    I grow just the plain Agastache cana and cannot believe the blooms this year--so "thick" and the color
    is intense. It's been through over a half dozen frosts and is STILL piling on the blooms.,,,,

    1. That's amazing, Sue! They are remarkably tough plants, aren't they!

  4. I was going to say gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, but Sue beat me to it. You're garden is gorgeous and I love the golden tones it's take on this Autumn. I've got to find a way to get more grasses into my Susans Bed and more sun, agastaches, salvias and that 'Polaris' Verbena! I'll start with native grasses! Happy GBBD, Scott. gail

    1. Yes, yes, yes to all of those, Gail...and grasses would fit into your garden so perfectly!

  5. Wow ! Beautiful pictures again ! Your aster may be 'Little Carlow' ?

  6. Very nice show you've got going on there ;) Enjoyed my visit!

  7. Hi Scott,

    Lovely garden; did you cut the Clematis back? Perhaps it needs chopping and will produce more blooms again?

    Please send some of your sun our way, thanks :D

    1. I think you're right, Gwirrel...I haven't really cut it back ever...and it definitely needs some reigning-in!

  8. I knew you could do it, and indeed you did! Capture the look of Persicaria 'Lance Corporal' in bloom. Thanks for showing your garden and color-coordinated cat in all of their golden glory.

  9. Beautiful blooms!
    Lovely Autumn colors!
    If you should ever need another career, you could make a lot of money as a pet photographer!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  10. Spectacular - of course! I love that Clematis and just looked it up - sadly not hardy enough for the East coast. And I am also in love with that Persicaria 'Lance Corporal!' Just love the colors of those blooms. I have Firetail and I am a fan of Persicaria - great perfomers! I do love to see the wide shots along with the beautiful spots.

    1. Persicarias are such great plants...and so tough...they are great for so many problem spots in my garden.

  11. Wonderful shots - and Boots is the perfect guide for an autumn post, decked as he is in fall colors. I particularly envy your Japanese anemones - I have some but, by the time they bloom in September, the foliage is so horribly scorched and disfigured by the heat, I'm usually embarrassed to show them.

    1. Oh no, that's so sad, Kris! If it makes you feel better, mine usually get flattened in our Autumn rains...these are leaning quite a bit to one side!

  12. Lovely, lovely, and more lovely! It looks very autumn-y there. I especially loved seeing the wide shots, with the light just right to make the grasses glow. And the last photo with the framing of the turning leaves. Just beautiful.

    1. Autumn is really gift to us gardeners and photographers, isn't it!

  13. Fabulous. I really can't wait to see your garden at next year's fling, so it better be on the tour. I love the Clematis tibetana, especially the shape of those dangling flowers. 'Prince' is a very handsome fellow, I have grown the species and I would say it is much coarser and without the interesting foliage color.

    1. I can't wait to have you and Judy over, Jason...you'll get to see all my rebar in action ;-) 'Prince' is my favorite Aster, for the simple reason that it's so very compact and has really good foliage.

  14. Quick hand me the smelling salts..I'm all a-swoon ! Your garden looks spectacular Scott, I would have a hard time going to work every day in fall if I lived at your house..

    1. To be honest...I have a hard time leaving for work anyway ;-)

  15. Oh, sweet Boots! The Shenandoah look awesome in place of the willow, by the way.

    1. Thanks, Heather! That reminds me...I should probably do a post on that, shouldn't I?

  16. Thanks for another tour of your beautiful garden. Happy GBBD.

  17. I keep thinking I'm going to add a Verbena to my garden and then I forget, until I see your posts of course.

    1. Verbena would be excellent in your front garden, Loree...especially popping up with the Verbascum and Eryngium.

  18. Persicarias are at their element in your garden at the moment, so does Verbena. Great autumn colours you have there Scott!

    1. It's so true...I'm lucky to be able to grow them...and that they solve so many problems!

  19. Your shot of the Front Border, looking South is wonderful, the way the light catches the grasses; so many good things happening its hard to pick out any one thing. Except that I have tried a lot of the plants that you grow and say are no trouble but they just die in the summers here.

    1. Oh no, Christina...that makes me so sad! I should always remember the disclaimer that Portland's weather is so mild...it's much more forgiving than most places.

  20. This is your season for sure, Scott! Everything looks lovely... perfect in the autumn light! 'Prince' is a perfect aster. Going on my list again this year after seeing it in your garden again. Also, Rudbeckia triloba... persicaria... though I did just snag some Panicum 'Shenandoah' at Lowes for $1 a piece! :)

    Hmmm.... Perhaps it is time to get ruthless with the Clematis? A cutting seems to be in order. It would probably flower like crazy for you next year since a good pruning can revive things a bit. But it looks just lovely the way it is too! :) Happy October!

    1. $1 'Shenandoah'...that's the deal of the century! I agree about the Clematis...next spring, I'm going to be ruthless about cutting it back!

  21. Nice tour down your block and garden! That Persicaria 'Lance Corporal' is off the chart...giving me ideas for an equivalent (probably a grass:-) to use with some spiky stuff, like what I did once with Sporobulus airoides and Yucca elata...yet different.

    May try that "Ruby Crystals" grass you see in Austin somewhere I can irrigate, since Abq last fall proved way too much for it to even germinate.

    1. 'Lance Corporal' is a very useful filler plant for me, David...it's pretty tough and always looks good. I've been thinking of trying 'Ruby Crystals' in the past...but I don't think it's hardy here.

  22. If there is anything I love as well as plants its cats, and yours is so sweet and charming, and complements the garden with his coat. I feel you put Boots in the post just for me. He sits dangerously close to the rain barrel though with a not-too-happy expression... better not slip in :-)

    1. Haha...Boots is our sweet little ambassador here on Rhone Street...he's a charmer, that one :-)

  23. Lovely as always! There is so much fall color going on in your gardens and the grasses really highlight the season. Boots is a great side kick as well and photographs beautifully!

    1. Boots was tailor-made for Autumn, don't you think ;-)

  24. Autumn looks spectacular in your gardens. And those long shots brings back sweet memories of walking those Portland neighborhoods. You've created a beautiful landscape.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn...we are very lucky in our Neighborhood to have quite a few mature trees, which definitely adds to the atmosphere :-)

  25. My cat likes nothing better than to make the garden rounds with me, too! I really like the Clematis tibetana. I'm not familiar with it but I like it's looks. Very unusal. A perfect autumn Bloom Day post!

    1. Aren't they sweet when they follow you around...it's nice to have a gardening companion :-)

  26. I am liking the asters. You need some more. I guess we note boots is blooming this month too.

    1. The Asters are truly invaluable at this time of year...each Autumn, I tell myself that I need MORE!

  27. Grasses really glow this time of the year, don't they? Boots is not only an excellent guide but he doubles as the perfect garden accent as well. Happy GBBD!

  28. I love seeing all your Persicarias blooming, its a major frustration that the local nurseries I go to don't have those varieties, perhaps the typical gardener thinks they are invasive? Your grasses turning golden really set off your garden for fall. Does Boots stalk you demanding to be petted like my cat?

    1. Oh no...that's so sad, Hannah! I have to say, they aren't available much here, either...I've been very lucky to find a few here and there and snatched them up! Oh yes...Boots demands love and attention at all times...until he sees a squirrel!

  29. Thank you (and Boots) for giving us such wonderful tour of your fall garden. Your photos are wonderful as usual. Since agastache does not grow well here I have been adding salvias in those colors instead. Love the Salvia Amistad.

    Boots matches the garden beautifully.

    1. Ah yes...Salvias fill in for Agastaches nicely...you would love 'Amistad'...and it can get quite large!

  30. Looks wonderful - This patch of nice weather will certainly help keep everything looking lovely longer as well.

    1. It's so true, Matthew, as much as I'm starting to miss the rain...the garden looks so much better when it isn't sopping wet!

  31. You are so humble, Scott. You make it all sound so common and every day. It's not though. It's tremendous. Your photography always totally blows me away. Boots is so handsome. On the first photo, how did you get Boots' fur in focus but not the plant in front of him? You must have some secret tricks up your sleeve. Whatever you're doing it's total eye candy. And aren't you loving this sunshine? Another gorgeous weekend is upon us. Hooray!

    1. I think we've all be relishing this weather, haven't we Grace! The secret is a shallow depth of field...so only one tiny bit is in focus...I do love it :-)

  32. I see your mention of Persicaria "Golden Arrow". This is one of my most favorite perennials. It provides quality blooms for easily 2 months and the foliage is wonderful. Plus it can do well in lots of shade. I bet I have 6 of this persicaria in various locations in our gardens.

    1. It's an absolute beauty, isn't it! It really does light up a shady area and blooms so wonderfully!

  33. I see your mention of Persicaria "Golden Arrow". This is one of my most favorite perennials. It provides quality blooms for easily 2 months and the foliage is wonderful. Plus it can do well in lots of shade. I bet I have 6 of this persicaria in various locations in our gardens.

  34. What a combo to savor-- Rhone Street and Autumn. Think the image that sings to me Scott is the Japanese anemone. Could see a 36" x 24" print hanging over a white couch. What do you think, man?

  35. I'm glad I made it here to see your blooms and wide views. Thanks for your comment on my WW post. Yes, Illinois bundleflower is a fun one. It was new to me this spring.

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