Friday, December 6, 2013

First Snow of the Year!

monarda bradburiana in snow  3721
It's official, everyone...Portland has its first snow of the winter!

north border in snow  3718
I woke up this morning and gazed excitedly out at the snow lazily swirling down from the sky.

north border v in snow  3720
Yes, it's just a dusting, don't laugh...that's usually all we can expect here in Portland, sadly...unless we get lucky!

front border in snow  3719
Still, even this thin layer of snow transforms the garden somehow.

cheyenne sky plantingi n snow  3723
Nothing sets off the dark shapes of various seed heads like a crisp white blanket of the white stuff.

north border v in snow  3722
How about all of you out there...have you had any snow yet? Stay warm, I hope you're enjoying winter as much as I am!


  1. I look older entries ... This unidentified insect on M. Cappilaris is probably Tipula oleracea - insect considered a pest ...

  2. Wow....what an amazing post thanks for share...............

  3. Scott your place looks great. Some plants I was uncertain of look great here, like Verbascum and there are others I had never heard of before. Great shots.