Monday, September 16, 2013

Bloom Day September 2013!

GBBD September 2013
Well, folks, here we are again...the midpoint of yet another month...and the last few days have finally started to feel like Autumn is nearly upon us at last! While the garden isn't as overwhelmingly floriferous as it was during the past few months, it's entering my favorite time year...abundance tempered with the beginning of decay. While the garden is still full of exuberance, there is a hint of melancholy now as end of the growing season is in sight.

verbena bonariensis and rudbeckia triloba  3583
Purple and gold are the harbingers of Autumn, it seems. Here we have two wonderful re-seeders, Verbena bonariensis against a background of Rudbeckia triloba.

solidago fireworks  3586
I'm not sure why I never planted Solidago until this year...and, happily, this plant was a gift from a friend.

vernonia and impatiens  3564salvia amistad and aster  3581
I must have moved this poor Vernonia (Vernonia missurica) at least 5 times this spring...just not sure where to put it. I'll have to remember to stake it earlier next year to keep it from flopping...still, it looks nice mingling with Impatiens balfourii. Another happy pairing, on the right, Salvia 'Amistad' and a mytsery Aster I got from Matthew at the spring plant exchange. Love it!

vernonia southern cross  3612
New in my garden this year is a new Vernonia from Intrinsic Perennials, called 'Southern Cross'. It is much shorter, but has those same intensely purple flowers. An added benefit is that the foliage is much finer, very reminiscent of an Amsonia...and, so far, no flopping :-)

Knautia macedonica
The Knautia just keeps on a going...much to the delight of the bees!

sedum matrona 3
Another bee magnet, Sedum 'Matrona'

Sedum Matrona
You don't believe me about the bees...see for yourself!

persicaria firetailechinops bannaticus  3587
There is always a lull in the bloom of Persicaria 'Firetail' right soon as the rains start up again, they seem to puff up and start blooming like crazy again. The Echinops keeps sending up a few blooms here and there, even as it sets seed.

asgastache purple haze
Of course, it wouldn't be a bloom day post here on Rhone Street without a few Agastaches, would it? Here we have 'Purple Haze'.

agastache liquorice candy  3571
Here is Agastache 'Liquorice Candy', which has really proven itself this summer...blooming nonstop for months and months.

agastache blue blazes  3563
One of my favorite Agastaches, 'Blue Blazes'. The flowers are starting to lessen now, but the thick, colorful blooms still draw my eye.

agastache globetrotter rudbeckia triloba  3575
This Agastache ('Globetrotter') was the only plant I bought during the Fling in San Francisco this's hard to believe it's already been almost 3 months since then!

agastache desert sunrise  3585
Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' is another great workhorse plant...just pumping out the blooms endlessly!

agastache golden jubilee  3577
While the color has long since faded from the blooms of Agastache 'Golden Jubilee', the spires are still very attractive (at least to me). They are so architectural, and catch the light so nicely, especially paired with Muhlenbergia rigens.

agastache golden jubilee  3578
If you visit Portland during Autumn, you are likely to be amazed at the huge Japanese Anemones in almost every yard. Here, we have 'Honorine Jobert'.

echinacea sunset  3609
While most of the Echinacea have started fading into various shades of parchment, these few that I planted earlier this year are still holding color...all the better to catch the last rays at sunset.

clematis tibetana  3562
Clematis tibetana has grown to monstrous proportions this year...but the blooming seems much lighter than last year...hmmm.

rudebckia triloba  3588persicaria red dragon  3565
Rudebckia triloba is one of those classic garden plants that I can't imagine not pops up in the perfect spots every year (even if not where I would have put them) and grows and blooms without any help from me...gotta love that!

geranium rozanne  3561
Another stalwart, the beautiful Geranium 'Rozanne'.

geranium rozanne rudbeckia  3566
I like her even better when she flirts coquettishly with the fading Rudbeckias...whose blooms start to look a bit like a wilted ballerina's tutu.

persicaria golden arrow  3574selinum wallichianum  3573
One of my favorite Persicarias, 'Golden Arrow', has beautiful foliage and a seemingly never-ending supply of blooms...if only I could find a spot where the leaves didn't scorch...but that it still got enough light to thrive. The Selinum have taken a beating during our recent rain showers...but they are still elegant.

north border from west  3602
I realize suddenly that there are a few things I left out...but there's always next month (probably)! Here we have the North Border looking east.

side view  3600
Heres a vantage I don't usually show...from across the street on the North side of the house.

back yard  3614
Here's the backyard in all its wild and wooly glory.

front wide shot 1
Here's the front garden from the South.

front wide shot 2
And again, form the North.

nort border sundown with boots  3597
Joing Boots and I as we enjoy this late summer/early autumn sunset...and join Carol at May Dreams Garden for more Bloom Day posts! I hope you're enjoying this amazing time of year...and that the weather is cooperating, wherever you are :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Visit to the Garden of Bob Hyland

Bob Hyland Header
This summer has been a whirlwind of garden tours. With an eye toward the Portland Fling next summer, I've been going to as many of the gardens in our HPSO Open Gardens Book as I possibly can. It's time for a confession, however. Even with the best of intentions, I'm not going to make it to all of them. Honestly, I'm not even going to come close! However, I have to say, I'm glad I've had the added incentive to visit more gardens...because it has reminded me just how many AMAZING gardens (and, of course, gardeners) we have in Portland!

bob hyland House view
Today, we're going to take a look at one of my hands-down faves this summer, the garden of designer Bob Hyland. Bob is a fellow committee member of the HPSO, and when I saw his garden was open last month, I knew I had to go see it. As we pulled up to his house, which is perched on a steep slope over the Willamette River, I was already seething with jeaousy...his view is AMAZING!

bob hyland SunnyPennisetumReadHead
I knew the moment I walked into their driveway that I was going to love this garden. The long driveway is lined with a gorgeous tapestry of grasses, shrubs and perennials...all blended harmoniously.

bob hyland salvia clevandii
Notoriously difficult to over-winter, Salvia clevandii has a scent that is earthy, herbal and...well...wonderful!

bob hyland red euphorbia
Among the many plant jewels was this Euphorbia ('Bonfire', perhaps?)...yes, I know I've sworn them off...but this one looked so perfect and lovely.

Bob Hyland Red Euphorbia closeup

bob hyland Yuccabob hyland pennisetum red head
While the day seemed blazingly hot...the slanting light illuminated Bob's garden perfectly...igniting each blade of grass...each fuzzy bloom.

bob hyland WideOpeningSlope
I loved the sensual, smoldering palette Bob used's sumptuous, isn't it! Believe it or not, this garden is only 2 years old! Bob and his partner moved here from the East Coast in 2011, where he owned Loomis Creek Nursery. Bob is a wonderful garden designer who has recently partnered with Xera Plants at their retail location on SE Clay street.

bob hyland fescue
As you continue into the "backyard", you climb a steep set of stone steps onto a side yard of sorts...greeted by the tall, swaying stems of Helictotrichon

bob hyland seating area
Once on top, you can look down the slope at the seating areas below...

bob hyland view well as the charming craftsman house and garden of edibles. Since we have both gardened in much harsher climates, Bob and I chatted for a while about how quickly plants grow here in our mild PNW climate. He said he was amazed at how quickly you can make and knit a garden together.

bob hyland carex and little bluestem
I was in love with this sea of roiling Carex punctuated by cool blue towers of Schizachyrium.

bob hyland mosaic spherebob hyland gaura v
I like that decoration is kept to a minimum...this mosaic orb was a nice touch...and wonderfully set off by all the Stipa.

bob hyland gaura bluestem
I adored this pairing of Schizachyrium and Gaura...heavenly!

bob hyland stone steps
The use of natural stone for the walls and steps was felt utterly "right" for the location...especially flanked and softened by more grasses and sedges.

bob hyland back slope wide
Once down on the graveled seating area, you can look up at that fabulous slope.

bob hyland Sunny Grass and Orb
Isn't it amazing...Bob is truly a master of planting for maximum dramatic impact!

bob hyland gladiolusbob hyland sunny slope 1
I fell in love with these elegant, white Gladioulus on the left...they were scattered around the slope and added so much.

bob hyland back slope tall
I think it's very cool when people mix edibles into a border that is otherwise "ornamental". Of course, it helps when the edible in question is a stunning Chard!

bob hyland Sunny Lobelia Tupabob hyland crocosmia
Plants that I see in numerous Portland gardens are given a new lease on life, thanks to their perfect positioning to catch and hold that golden light!

bob hyland sunny eucomis closeup
Even Eucomis, a plant I don't generally care for, is used so well that I kind of dig it here.

bob hyland Sunny Eucomisbob hyland sunny agastache
Ahh...the magic of backlighting.

bob hyland louging
Like the people above, I could easily kick back and spend hours enjoying this view.

bob hyland back slope wide 2
Looking across the border once more...I'm just in love with the play of light and shadow, color and texture.

bob hyland sunny grassy slopey goodness
Stipa tenuissima seems to be everywhere these days, but when was the last time you saw it used in such a way that you felt INSPIRED by it!

bob hyland salvia amistad
More sultry color pairings...Salvia 'Amistad' and Albizia.

bob hyland Red SPhere
Another very simple, understated use of statuary.

bob hyland molinia slope 1
As we got ready to leave, I spied one more beautiful planting...this generous swathe of Molinia 'Variegata' of those plants whose effectiveness increases exponentially with the number of plants used.

bob hyland molinia slope 3
Gorgeous...can you imagine how this will look once they've all filled it...this is definitely a garden I'll make a point of visiting again...and if you ever have the chance to visit, I'd highly recommend it.