Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bloom Day - July 2014

GBBD July 2014 copy
Well, I'm a few days late...but at least it's still July! Happy Bloom Day, everyone!

RSG Sign
As you may have heard, we had the Garden Bloggers Fling here in Portland last week...and my garden was on the tour (which was terrifying)...but we survived it and now I can enjoy the garden without fretting about it being "presentable" ;-) I have to say, now that the stress is over, I find myself really missing all those bloggers...just another reason to go to the Fling next year in Toronto!

Scabiosa ochroleuca
One of my new favorite flowers for this year (well, new to me) is Scabiosa ochroleuca. It's no surprise that I love it, considering how much I adore the similar Knautia macedonica...but this one seems a bit more upright and rigid...whereas the Knautia does tend to splay about after a while. Time will tell if this will behave the same way...we'll see.

I know people shake their heads when they see I grow Epilobium angustifolium (Fireweed), but I can't help but love's a little ridiculous and can easily get out of control...but I love the feeling of wildness and spontaneity it gives to the garden.

The always-wonderful Geranium 'Rozanne' and her slightly-less-vigorour little sister, 'Ann Folkard' in the background.

I adore Echinops...and so do the bees!

Someone asked me recently how many different kind of Persicarias I had...considering there are 3 different kinds in this photo alone...perhaps too many! Just kidding...I'll never turn my nose up at a plant that can handle my heavy, clay soil and sporadic watering schedule.

July is the start of Echinacea season...and I love them! This is a new variety called 'Showoff'.

Echinacea pallida 2
After three years of waiting, my patience is repaid by a single bloom on my Echinacea pallida...I adore those elegant, drooping petals. Maybe next year I'll have two!

Sedum Matrona
The Sedum 'Matrona' isn't as purply-grey as it usually is this year...and is really short...could be from the flooding, I guess. Oh well, at least it's alive (and blooming)!

Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Good ol' Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' never fails me :-)

Rudbeckia triloba
I just wish it's cousin, Rudbeckia trilby was truly's even better!

Lilium Black Beauty
July also marks the beginning of Lily Season here in my garden...and I couldn't be happier. This is my first (and maybe still favorite), 'Black Beauty'. The stems got flattened earlier this spring during a cat fight (literally, the cats were fighting and rolled over them), but they seem to be recovering, and the first stem is blooming beautifully!

Silver Scheherazade
One of the lovelies Lilies I've ever encountered, 'Silver Scheherazade' almost supports itself...oh well, let it lean, as long as it doesn't collapse!

Lilium Scheherezade
The parent of 'Silver Scheherazade', this is 'Scheherazade'. It's still a little small, but if the growth rate of it's progeny is any indication, it's going to be mammoth in a few years!

Lilium Sarabande
While none of the previous Lilies are particularly fragrant, Lilium 'Sarabande' is wonderfully fragrant...but not sweet at's completely spicy...I love walking past it...this one plant perfumes the entire back garden (granted, it's a small back garden...but still)!

Lilium Silk Road
Another wonderfully fragrant Lily, 'Silk Road'. For those of you who were on the Fling tour, this is the Lily that was in bud by the front door that refused to open for us. It's intoxicatingly fragrant and greets you as you walk up to the house...I love it!

The tiny flowers of Sanguisorbia 'Tanna' are so delightful...and I love how they compliment the similar red tones of the neighboring grass, Panicum ' Cheyenne Sky'.

Geranium and Teucrium
Teucrium hircanicum mingles happily with a Geranium whose name I never remember!

Front Garden From North
And so, in closing, here's the Front Garden looking South.

Front Garden From South
The same, looking North.

The North Garden, looking West.

North Garden From West
And the North Garden, looking East.

Parking Strip
Here's a shot of the front parking strip...just starting to recover from last winters floods...hopefully next year it will be as full and lush as it was last year.

Full view
And here's a look at the entire thing.

Boots eating grass
Don't are the cats! Boots, hiding.

Oliver on green roof
The neighbors cat, Oliver, perched on our green roof.

Punku Cat
Punky cat, watching me water the garden, wondering when I'll dispense his cat treats.

Echinacea & Deschampsia
I hope you're having a great summer and if you want to see more blooms, check out May Dreams Garden for more Bloom Day Posts from around the world!