Friday, May 23, 2014

A Visit to Schreiner's Iris Farm

Schreiners HEader copy
It's that time of year once again, kids...time for my annual trip to Schreiner's Iris Garden! It's become an annual tradition for me to visit their display garden and pick out a few new Iris for myself...check out a previous post HERE. Today's post is actually my visit from last year (2013) that I never got a chance to actually put together...and I figure it's better now anyway, since you still have time to visit yourself, should you want to!

Yellow Iris and Allium H
I adore Iris...I have all my life...with their beautiful form, rich colors and easy cultivation, you can't go wrong!

field of color about a riot of color!

Gorgous Bicolor
It truly is overwhelming when you first step into the's hard to even find a spot to focus.

FLowers all over
Such a wonderful abundance of color!

Iris border 3
One thing I love about Schreiner's is that, although there are growing fields nearby, this is really a display garden, so you get a better feeling of how these plants will look in a garden...and with other plants.

WIld Iris ROse
Delish! 'Wild Irish Rose'

Unknown Iris
I'm a sucker for Iris with contrasting standards and falls.

Wine REd Iris
What color!

yellow purple bicolor
I was really love ing this bi-color with the rich purple falls.

Yellow purple iris
And this yellow one with that blush of lavender at the base of the petals.

REd Columbine
While the Iris are the stars of the show, they amiably share the stage with many other plants in the this striking Columbine.

Purple Lupine Purple ALlium
And these fabulous Alliums and Lupines.

Orange King Iris
I'm not overly fond of orange, but I know a lot of people for all you orange lovers out there...this one is for you!

swingtown 2
A little more to my liking...the rich purple of 'Swingtown'.

Unchain My Heart
For you, Grace, 'Unchain My Heart'.

Social Graces
I pretty much love this one...'Social Graces'.

Social Graces v
Seriously, that color, those ruffled edges...sigh.

Grand Canyon Sunset
I still can't decide if I like the color pairing of 'Grand Canyon Sunset'...yeah, the jury's out on this one.

Sentimental Rose bud
Other, I loved unconditionally, like 'Sentimental Rose' in bud...

Sentimental Rose
...just opening...

Sentimental Rose 5
...and fully in bloom!

Purple White Bicolor
A similar bi-color with wider, more flared petals.

'Rio' is another odd color combo...not even sure how I'd describe it...but I kinda like it!

Purple Columbine profile
Time for another breather from the Iris onslaught...lovely purple Columbine!

PInk and Purple Columbine
A rich raspberry red Columbine.

Purple Allium
More amazing Alliums!

purple and peach iris 3
I sort of like this Iris...but the purple may be a touch too punchy with the soft pink.

Pinky Iris a sip of cool strawberry lemonade on a hot, summer day!

pink iris 2
Love this one...a color that plays well with everything!

Peach Iris
Peach is that odd color that shifts so easily into other tones...this is just about perfect.

Paul Black
I love this one, 'Paul Black'...I adore the rich purples with orange beards.

No Other Love 9
This was one of my favorites on this particular day, 'No Other Love'...there is just something wonderful about that mix of colors.

No Other Love 6
Those luscious peach standards and those falls splashed with grapey purple.

No Other Love 3 it!

mysery purple love
I wish I'd gotten the name of this beauty.

Not For Sale Iris Bed
Sadly, the folks at Schreiner's are needlessly cruel...they have several beds of Iris that are un-named varies, labeled only "NFS" (Not For Sale). Of course...I wanted THOSE Iris the most!

NFS heaven
Purple amazing-ness...wanted it.

Mulberry Iris 5
Apricot and mulberry together...yup, wanted it!

Mulberry Iris 4
Yeah...I really wanted this one!

crimson nfs
A similar pairing...with more reflexed falls.

mauve iris
A wonderful, subtle mauve.

Merlot 2
Another beautiful with merlot-tinted petals.

Oh's good to have some things you can't have, right? 'Diabolique' thinks so...and it would gladly come to live in my garden.

Luscious Purple Bicolor bud
This was one of my favorites on this particular visit...a wonderful purple on purple beauty.

Luscious Purple Bicolor bud & Bloom
So striking in all phases of flowers...I was totally smitten.

Luscious Purple Bicolor 2

Bold Fashion
The softer-colored 'Bold Fashion' scoffs at me.

Allium and LUpine
I really can never get enough purple.

For those who love a good blue, this one is for you!

Cherry Blossom Song
'Cherry Blossom Song' is on the short list of Iris I want for my garden this year...and from the size of the clumps, it's very vigorous!

Deep Blue Iris
WOW...loving this one!

Come away with me
I totally fell in love with this one, 'Come Away With Me'. I think there's a theme here...I was really into the peach/purple combo last year!

Deepest Black
Of course, I'm always a sucker for near-black flowers.

Blowing Kisses v
Especially paired with something light and delicate.

Absolute Star 2
The one Iris I REALLY was obsessed with last year, however, was this new introduction, 'Absolute Star'.

Absolute Star 8
It was just perfect...wonderful color, great form and size. Sadly, being a new introduction, it was $65/rhizome...yikes! I couldn't bring myself to spend that I bought a few others instead...but this year it should be cheaper...and I may just take the plunge :-)

Alliums Iris Seating
I hope you enjoyed this little tour, and if you get a chance, I hope you visit Schreiner's for's amazing...and this is the best weekend to go!