Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growth Progress - Joe Pye Weed

As with the monarda above, just wanted to post an update, especially as this plant has taken off! I can't believe it's rate of growth, in less than a month from just poking above ground to being almost 2 feet tall now! It's a good thing that most plants are really getting their feet under them, as the oak trees across the street are now leafing out and in a week or 2, the morning sun the garden has been enjoying will be cut off again until fall. That means only around 3 hours of direct sun a day...yikes!

I'm really amazed at how rapidly the plants are all growing now that the weather is warming up. Things which crept along for months are shooting up now. One example, shown below, is the Joe Pye Weed. This was actually one of the last (if not the last) plants to break dormancy this spring...I had almost given up on it. It appeared as small reddish buds just poking out of the ground and stayed that way, without much growth, for several weeks. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, it started shooting up. You can see the amount of growth it's putting on now...these pictures were taken less than a week apart! I'd estimate it went from about 2-3" above ground, to now about 7" above!


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