Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joe Pye Weed, how I love thee


I adore Joe Pye Weed! I have 3 different varieties, and really look forward to adding a few more. I have "Gateway" planted in front of the porch (above photo) and it is pushing 8' this year (its 2nd year) and is just now starting to bloom. Right next to it (in a bit more shade) I have 'Chocolate' Joe Pye Weed (which I think some people call White Snakeroot. It has wonderful foliage, and gets about 3-4' tall. Last year, mine didn't really bloom until late August or September, I think. I also have 'Little Joe' along the side of the house, which has also just started blooming and gets maybe 5 1/2' - 6' tall. I really want to add more of the, as they are lovely even when not in bloom and are such architectural and dramatic plants. I really love Joe Pye for its long season of interest, the red stems look dramatic all season long, and they fact that they are so big makes them a dramatic statement in the garden. As an added bonus to their beauty, bees and butterflies go INSANE for the blossoms!

By request, below is a pic of the 'Chocolate' Joe Pye...I must have forgotten to post it originally!



  1. Hi Scott,
    Your Joe Pye looks so nice. I tried that once, but it did not like my growing conditions.

    Do you have a pic of the 'Chocolate' Joe Pye Weed -- or is it in this photo and I just don't know what it is? That one sounds pretty interesting to me.

    Is that Black and Blue Salvia I see below Joe Pye? I grew that one year, too and really loved it. It's an annual for me and not easy to find in my small town.

    Happy Gardening,

  2. Thanks Zoey! I posted a pic of the 'Chocolate variety just now...thanks for reminding me...I forgot it. In the first pic, it's sort of behind the regular Joe pretty hard to see. That is a Black & Blue salvia in front of Joe Pye, and yes, I really love them. They seem to be borderline hardy for us. I had 2 last year and they really did well, but only 1 made it through the winter and has been much smaller this year. I planted another one next to it this spring, but it's really growing slowly...I think the fact that one of the neighbor cats sleeps back there and crushes it every other week doesn't help :-)

  3. Thanks so much, Scott, for posting that! It has very nice foliage, don't you think?

    Hope you are having a great week.

  4. No problem, Zoey!
    And yes, I adore the foliage...and it's so much better in real life, photos do NOT do it justice, people always remark on it.

  5. Wish I could grow Joe but it does NOT like it down here in hot, humid zone 10 s.e. FL. I will just have to enjoy it through your blog and others.

    I just love your gardens. You have done a fantastic job in such a short period of time.