Friday, August 27, 2010

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer



  1. OMGosh, a gardener and a cat lover. I'm already a fan. To comment on your comment on my blog: The cyclamen under the savanna must have been breathtaking.

    I've got you in my Google Reader and will be back. Give you kitty a hug from me. Adorable!

  2. Our cat Wayne Rosa is a twin to your kitty! She also likes taking naps, often in the middle of a path. Does yours garden with you? Mine is constantly commenting on my activities, unfortunately I don't often understand what she is saying.

  3. Thanks Grace...I've been enjoying your blog too!

    Compost...totally, Captain Gingersnap is very...umm...helpful ;-) He really can't stand to let me out of his sight, although once he realizes I'm not going to pet him non-stop, he usually curls up and takes a nap a few feet from where I'm working. This pic is actually of him sleeping in the middle of the parking strip by our house...he does sleep in the oddest places sometimes.

  4. What an adorable kitty! Mine always wake up when I approach them with a camera, and give me dirty looks.

  5. I love the picture. Now, that is contentment. I really miss having a garden cat.

    Always Growing