Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Should You Plant Rodgersia???

Rodersia Foliage v2
This is why.


  1. My Rodgersia leaves are still microscopic. At least they made it through the winter. I'm happy. Yours is way nicer though. :)

  2. And that, kind sir, is why those of us in the South have zone envy.

  3. Beautiful! Mine has just shown up to the party.

  4. Must have THAT ONE! Mine is spectacular, but just plain green. The bronze leaves are over-the-top.

  5. Yep I definitely see the attraction. :)

  6. Beautiful photo - most of my shade is very dry, but it might be worth sinking a tub in the ground for that foliage!

  7. Yes, zone envy. And all your photos are gorgeous beyond words.

  8. If only we got enough water to keep them looking decent...

  9. Grace: I have a few different varieties, and this one is by far the furthest along, I have a R. aeuscufolia that is just a few inches tall.

    Danger :-)

    ChrisU: Indeed!

    Ryan: If only, I would certainly be more popular ;-)

    Tim: I didn't realize you couldn't grow these in the South???

    Greggo: Hahahaha…be careful what you ask for!

    Alison: Defninitely…some emerge quite a bit later than others.

    Ricki: They definintely are…I'm loving them!

    Perennial Gardner: hahahah…totally!

    Cyndy: If you can keep them moist and out of drying winds/sun…they are pretty happy!

    Hoover Boo: aww…thanks!

    Allanbecker: Thanks so much!

    Tom: :-)