Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The north border on the first day of August, 2011.

Ahhh...this photo really sums up what I love about the summer garden (can you hear Ella singing from here?) Lots of color, texture and variety. I love taking photos of this part of the garden at this time of year, as it gets hit by both morning and evening light.

In spite of a few issues I need to figure out soon, I've really been trying to just enjoy the garden for what it is this year. For some reason, this border, in particular, has come together better than I expected.

Here in Portland, we've had a pretty mild, pleasant summer so far. We've certainly been spared the horrendous heat so much of the country is suffering through...and I'm VERY grateful. Mornings like this make me so happy to live in the PNW.


  1. Looks really lovely. Don't you just love how Echinacea just keeps on giving!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh, I know, Scott. Hasn't our weather just been wonderful? I've got that song stuck in my head now. :) I think August is the month to sit back and enjoy...and maybe to some deadheading.

  3. Really-I don't know if you're the best at gardening or photography.......too close to call!

  4. And for a plant in your garden, the Linin' is easy, at least to the outsider, though I know you work to make it look effortless. Beautiful light in that photo, all the different layers of flower and colour and focus.

  5. That is so lovely. What a beautiful sight to see. Enjoy your nice weather!

  6. I think I need a vacation in the PNW. I had a great time exporing the Columbia River Gorge when I was there for work a few years back. Just not enough time. Love your photo. It reminds me of my garden a couple of months back when it was still green! Ah, the cool old days.

  7. Perfectly simple, simply perfect. I had your kind of day yesterday, praise the cosmos.

  8. Your photo reminds me that my Persicaria amplexicaulis always burns up in the heat. Oh for PNW weather (on the sunny days!)

  9. Coneflower just keeps on giving. Wonderful.

  10. Beautiful!! Big sigh as I think of cutting all of my fried coneflowers to the ground this week. I am hoping that once we get some rain (hope, hope) and it cools down some that they will rebloom again this fall. I'll just appreciate them vicariously through your pics! Thanks :-)

  11. Sunray: Totally...and such undemanding plants...wouldn't be without them!

    Grace: Seriously great...I've realized that I don't mind Summer as long as it isn't blazing hot!

    Landbohaven: Thanks!

    LInda: Awww, thanks!

    Sue: Hahahahahahaha...I'm more of a Jack of all trades, master of none sort of guy ;-)

    Cally: Thanks...I was really caught by the light at that glad i had my camera to catch it!

    HolleyGarden: Totally enjoying it right now!

    Bluestem: You definitely need to come up here for a respite from the heat. If it makes you feel better, my warm season grasses are just BARELY putting out their far behind everyone else!

    Greggo: Thanks ;-)

    Benhamin Vogt: You just have to stand back and enjoy it when those moments strike, right?!?

    Beech Street Gardens: hahaha...thanks!

    James Golden: I bet it does...even for me it gets a little crispy around the edges if it's hot and windy for a few days in a row.

    Patty: Doesn't it though...great plant!

    Toni - Signature Gardens: I hope they never know, they are pretty though plants...these very plants were moved last fall during blooming...and I thought for sure they wouldn't live...but this year they are great (so much happier in their new spot).