Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'

first tulip  1397
Happy first day of April, everyone!


  1. Happy April to you! You are not sneaky like I was.

  2. Yum sun, great shot! Hopefully we've turned the corner and things will start to improve from the soggy mess that was March.

  3. Your too Scott! Now that looks like it is going to be a pretty tulip. Is it one of those parrot types? Or a China? Anyway it is a pretty one mixed with the green. Have a terrific week.

  4. Very nice bud and a cool photo.What's the story with the background? Is the tulip in front of a window, or is it some interesting camera lens effect?

  5. This is a great way to start April - I love this photo!

  6. The winter has gone by quickly! Happy April and Happy Easter.

  7. Lovely flower indeed. I also have a lot of flowery plants in my garden. I think it would be better if I plant tulips in my garden too.

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