Friday, April 12, 2013

Hortlandia Weekend!!!

So...what are you doing this weekend? If you live within reasonable driving distance to Portland...then you had better be going to Hortlandia!

semi acquilegia
As in the past few years, it's at the Portland Expo Center, and admission is FREE (although you do have to pay $8 to park).

There are over 100 vendors on site, selling a huge range of plants and garden art.

purple iris
There is a map/floor plan of the space available here. If you're like me, there are some boots you always MUST go to (Xera, Joy Creek, Dancing Oaks, etc.) This map will help you plot out your plan of attack...unless you're like me...then you wander around for an hour, totally overwhelmed.

pink iris
While I'm going shopping with friends Saturday morning, I'll be working at the Plant Holding area on Sunday stop by and say 'Hi' if you're so inclined :-)

In case you were wondering, the photos for this post were taken yesterday at the fabulous Xera plants...and some of these amazing plants will be available to purchase at the sale tomorrow and Sunday!

I know I'm keeping an eye out for some of these amazing Pacific Coast Iris!

If I had space...a Manzanita would definitely end up in my shopping cart.

Speaking of which...there are no pets, carts or wagons allowed at the sale. Trust's crazy-crowded...and guard yourself...those cardboard boxes people carry around can become weapons in the wrong hands!

And just remember, have fun, this sale is practically the highlight of the gardening year here in Portland...hope you see you there!


  1. Hi Scott!
    This is first time for me to leave a comment but I've been reading your blog for a while.
    I love your great pictures and your writing!
    I can feel how passionate you are about gardening.

    I'm originally from Japan and now live in Toronto, Canada, so zone is quite different but still your blog has so much great info!

    I'm interested in grass but don't have any of them yet.
    My front/back yard are also small and honestly, I don't know which one to start with ornamental grasses. (well, this is my 3rd year of my gardening experience, so I don't know a lot of things...)
    But definitely I'll check some grass section next time I go to some nurseries (dangerous!!!)

    I have my blog but it's in Japanese so I put my pinterest page as link.

    Sorry for the long comment!

  2. So! Excited! Is it bad that I really really want to go plant shopping today? As if I'm not going to do enough damage tomorrow.

  3. It turns out DH is going to Clackamas Saturday so a good opportunity for me to get to Concentrates to buy big bags of Perlite for 1/2 the price of the nurseries, and other stuff, glacial rock dust, basaltic volcanic stuff, etc. Great minerals. Anyway, I think I can get by afterward, and maybe Sunday as well. See you there! My problem is that as a plant addict I tend to go for weird plants without the opportunity to look them up then I may be sorry later. Going 2 days might take care of that since I could look them up before going back, assuming someone else hasn't snatched them up.

  4. Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I have been to this sale and that was when it was held at the WA county fairgrounds. I thought it was odd when I read this was 'the plant sale of the year' because the hardy plant sale I have always known is 'the plant sale of the year'. But I see it is the same people, different name and location. I need to find some time to make it there is weekend.

  5. Some great plants. You guys have such wonderful things out there that grow for you. Sounds like a great place to be this weekend.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. WOW! *-*
    your shots are always gorgeous!
    These plants are so beautiful and your are lucky for this fantastic week end
    Enjoy your day! I want many shots! Go! go! ;)

  7. I've got my plant list all made out and ready to go!

  8. Ah, 2043 miles. Too bad: I consider 2000 miles my limit for events like this. ;-)

    Hope it's as much fun as it sounds!

  9. Sounds very exciting! Too bad I live so far away. Maybe if I got in the car right now I could drive out and make it back in time for work on Monday ...

  10. Have fun Scott. Off to a plant sale today but on this side of the pond :)

  11. That ruffled pink Iris is so beautiful.

  12. um, just what are we considering a reasonable driving distance? I need to check craigslist...maybe there's a carpool going to Hortlandia.

  13. Love your images today. Beautiful photography.

  14. I hope you had a fabulous time and delight us later with future blog posts on any treasures you found! Cheers, Jenni

  15. "If" you had space...for a manzanita, I bet you would!

  16. Glad you flagged me down at Hortlandia, Scott - if I'd read this post earlier, I'd have been affirmatively looking for you! We'll be away for 10 days so all my lovely purchases will need to wait until almost May to be planted. Better that than drying up if it's warm while we're gone, though. Post about what you bought, okay?!

  17. One of these years I'm going to grab my garden buddies and make the trip. I bet you had a wonderful time. I hope you'll post your purchases so I can be jealous. :) Your photos are wonderful.

  18. This seems the appropriate post to leave you a note that if you're still interested in Canna 'Intrigue,' I can send you up some. The second-to-last photo of the erodium slays me -- they're always a plant sale weakness of mine.