Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2015

GBBD_0715 copy
Well, it's the 15th of the month, yet again, and you know what that means...time for a roundup of everything (well, most everything) that's blooming at the moment.

boots sleeping
As I'm sure many of you know by now, Portland (and most of the PNW) is having a nasty year. We went from something that could barely be called winter (really, just a cool fall) straight into summer, without even a hint of spring weather. As a result, the garden has been without any REAL rain for about 2 months. Summer has just started and I'm ready for it to be over! Oh well...things aren't looking too bad, for the most part...although I've had to water new plantings every few days...which is pretty annoying! Still...let's get going!

teucrium and bee
First up, a plant that does fine without any water at all, Teucrium hircanicum. To be honest, the plants I actually planted all died this winter (all but one, anyway), but they've reseeded heavily in the same area and the seedlings are indestructible...growing mostly in cracks of the sidewalk...much to the delight of bees everywhere.

scabiosa teucrium pennisetum
Mixed in with the Teucrium are a few Scabiosa ochroleuca, which I had hoped would reseed a little...but, alas, not a single seedling is to be found.

lilium silk road
If there is any flower that is dominating my garden at the moment, it's probably the Lilies...regal, colorful and not shy about it! Here we have what is perhaps the most fragrant of the lilies I have, 'Silk Road'. It's too bad I don't think the form is particularly great...but the scent is amazing.

lilium anastasia
Slightly less fragrant that 'Silk Road', here we have 'Anastasia', which makes up in beauty what it slightly lacks in fragrance.

lilium scheherezade 3
'Scheherezade' has only the slightest fragrance...very sweet, but you really have to be close to smell it. Luckily, it's beautiful and VERY vigorous! I planted these this spring and they are good-sized already. However, the 3-year-old plant I have in the back garden is least 8' tall...making me think I may have to move these this fall to a more appropriate place...they are going to be WAY out of scale here in a few years!

lilium black beauty
My favorite Lily, still, is 'Black Beauty'...alas, no scent is to be found...but the flowers are perfect...the form and color could not be better.

A runner-up for favorite Lily is 'Sarabande'...which is powerfully fragrant and has a great form.

lilium silver scheherezade
And finally, a true beauty, 'Silver Scheherezade', which is not quite as vigorous as it's parent, 'Scheherezade', but has such exquisite coloring.

origanum and bee
I have a few Oregano plants scattered around the garden, most of which are blooming now, which makes the bees happy campers.

bee on epilobium
I have such a love/hate relationship with the Fireweed (Epilobium) in my garden. On one had, it's beautiful, carefree and beloved of pollinators (plus, it let's me say I have at least a FEW PNW natives in my garden). However, it really wants to take over the garden...and pops up all over. Luckily, it's easy to pull up where you don't want it. This year, I decided to cut it back by half about a month ago, which delayed blooming...and it's at e least it doesn't overwhelm the garden like it did last year.

echinacea showoff
While the Lilies may be the Divas of the Garden right now...I think summer really belongs to the composites...especially Echinacea. Nothing says summer like the Coneflowers, at least to me. This is my current favorite variety, 'Showoff', which has wonderful, reflexed petals (which I prefer to those that stand out more horizontally).

echinacea showoff thin petals
Being a seed strain, there seems to be a little bit of variation in the plants...which is great...this one has even thinner petals...more reminiscent of Echinacea pallida.

echinacea vignette 4
And then we have good ol' 'Magnus', which is a great Echinacea hybrid...very reliable and fairly vigorous...even in my garden, which provides far less sun than it would really like.

knautia and deschampsia
While I culled out most of the Knautia from my garden last year (they were just a bit too weedy), I have a few reseeded volunteers around the garden this year that I'm enjoying. Like the earlier-mentioned Teucrium, these self-seeded plants just seem sturdier and tougher than the actual plants I bought and planted originally. As long as they look good...they get to stay!

daucus carota
I've been on the lookout for Daucus carota all spring and finally found some a few weeks ago and Portland Nursery. It'a variety that actually blooms in shades of red from deep claret to soft champagne-pink...I'm hoping they reseed around so I have them in perpetuity!

sedum blue pearl
In the category of "not-quite-blooming", we have Sedum 'Blue Pearl'. Previously, I had a few 'Matrona' in this spot...but they declined over the years and I decided to replace them this spring...we'll see if they far any better.

front strip h
To be truthful, the entire front parking strip is far less robust this year...and I'm not sure why...was it the too-warm, too-dry winter and spring? Is it the constant barrage of dog pee? Oh well...I just keep trying!

geranium rozanne
Geranium 'Rozanne' isn't quite as vigorous this year without it's constant supply of rain...but it's no slouch, either...I can't imagine not having this beauty in my garden.

sanguisorbia tanna 1
I've loved Sanguisorbia for years...but they don't always love me back...and seem to be very slow to establish in my garden. Still...these 'Tanna' are finally blooming decently...and I love them.

sanguisorbia macro
A close look at 'Tanna' those little dark spots of contrasting color!

Sanguisorbia and Deschampsia
Another Sanguisorbia, 'Pink Tanna' is much more robust than 'Tanna'...and much bigger...about 3' tall and wide, compared to 'Tanna's relatively diminuitive 18". The blooms are delightful...but I wish they were darker when they faded...still...not complaining!

salvia amistad
Both of the Salvia 'Amistad' that I had planted in containers returned this year...much to my surprise! Both have been blooming now for over a month and the hummingbirds couldn't be happier.

rudbeckia goldsturm 1
While I've seen them blooming for weeks around Portland, my Rudbeckia are just starting up...such great, easy-going plants...and such a perfect contrast to the adjacent Geraniums.

persicaria firetail
While my poor Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' has been sulking in our hot, dry weather, 'Firetail' is bigger than ever! I'm not sure why...but it's huge this year and is throwing out these glowing scarlet wands like there's no tomorrow.

The little Liatris plants I put in this spring are still pretty small...but just started blooming...can't wait for them to bulk up over the next few years!

In the midst of everything else, I almost missed that the Echinops have started blooming.

agastache blue boa
And then there are the Agastache...'Blue Boa' being the best performer this year, for some reason.

agastache blue blazes
'Blue Blazes' is usually a beast of a plant...with huge flowers...but it seems a little stunted this year...not enough chill, perhaps?

ammi majus
Another recent planting...Ammi's to hoping it will reseed like the Daucus ;-)

north border h
Well...this post is getting let's wrap up with a few wide shots. The North Border looking east.

north border from east
The North Border looking west...

east border h
The Front Border looking north...

east border v
The Front Border looking south...

lilium scheherezade sunrise
There you have it...a little catch-up on what we have blooming right now here in my garden...for more floral goodness, head over to May Dreams Garden...and Happy Bloom Day!


  1. I learn so much from your posts. Now I want some lilies! And your lighting is beautiful--you really know how to make your photos pop.

  2. We just love the rich tapestry, colour, and combinations in your garden Scott!

  3. I'm confused about what I let into my garden , I know it's not Hemlock , I don't think it's Daucus carota, no red dot in the center…it's some road side imposter!
    Your garden looks great to me , nasty summer or no.

  4. You always seem to have lots of shots with magical lighting. I love it!

  5. Jenni @ RainyDayGardenerJuly 15, 2015 at 9:50 PM

    I know you think your garden looks stunted this year, but I have to disagree. It's just different plants that have taken center stage due to the heat wave...and everything in your gardens looks perfect!

  6. your gorgeous garden is an inspiration!

  7. What a beautiful specimen of Tiger Eye Sumac! It's just the perfect backdrop for the Agastache. Happy GBBD!

  8. So many flowers, such good combination. Always love you bloom day posts.

  9. Well this is my last GBBD post for the day. I look for Rhone Street Gardens each month. Today you were #44, yesterday it wasn't there yet. We live way East--Indiana but my daughter has a garden in Salem, OR with several starts from Indiana. If only I could do astrantias here. I love your catalog posts with many varieties of the same plant!

  10. Your wide shots are lovely with the lighting angles you always capture so perfectly. Wow, your Oriental Lily collection is stunning! I have quite a few Asiatic Lilies, but only a few Orientals. Unfortunately, the rabbits like them, too, so I've had to move them all behind double fencing to keep the rabbits out. Your Sedum 'Blue Pearl' is nifty, too. I'll look forward to seeing your pics of it in bloom!

  11. Great photos, but I love the wide shots the best, they really show the variety and depth of plants that you've chosen. Thanks for the great pictures and inspiration, and I hope you get some rain before the summer is over.

  12. There is always a lot to see in your garden. This time of year is wonderful for bloom. I agree, happy bees on the herbs. Our area also light on rain. Many plants are drooping and wilting back. At least your garden shines in these conditions.

  13. I have to find that 'firetail' somewhere... and I haven't added a Sanguisorbia yet but it's been on my list for a few years. Teucrium hircanicum just got added too -- love it!

  14. We have had nothing but rain, it has really impacted some of my plants and vegetables. So, too much is not good!

  15. Even in a "bad year" your garden is a gorgeous inspiration.

  16. As always, you pictures are a delight. Its lovely to see Boots again.
    I aways considered Daucus carota a weed. Seeing it in a few garden blogs recently, especially the gorgeous specimen you have with the pink tips, makes me want one too! Funny how that works...