Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New York Trip-Part 1-Museums and Central Park


So, as many of you know, Norm and I took a short trip to New York City a few weeks ago...it's actually the first vacation we've been on together in about 2 years! We can only afford one vacation a year (if that, really) and it's always hard trying to decide where to go. After months of indecision, we finally both agreed on New York City.
Natural History Museum 12
On our first full day in the city, it POURED the entire time...so we decided it would be out "museum" day. We started the day at The Intrepid Museum, which includes a decommissioned aircraft carrier (the namesake Intrepid), a submarine, a space shuttle and...wait for it...a Star Trek exhibit. For those of you who know Norm, you can guess why we went (hint, there are Klingons involved).

Natural History Museum 11
Sadly, I didn't get any photos as, again, RAIN. On next stop was the Natural History Museum, which I had been to on a previous trip. I love the Planetarium...it's so very cool.

Natural History Museum 9
Even little details of the structure are interesting.

Natural History Museum 10
The huge sphere houses the actual planetarium space...and the show is really great...if you ever visit NYC, make a point of going to the Natural History Museum, you won't be disappointed.

Natural History Museum 8
Of course, the museum is huge, and there are a lot of other exhibits, the dinasaurs being a personal favorite. I have to say, it's been a long time since I've been to a museum...and I was really, REALLY mortified at how people acted. It was packed, which is one thing, but, for some reason, parents just let their kids run around yelling and touching everything. People are talking loudly on their phones, it's just generally awful. I'm not sure if I've just become old and crabby...but, sheesh, I could not stand it for long.

Natural History Museum 7
In any case, we cut our visit a little short due to the absolute bedlam inside and headed out to the relative peace and quiet!

cobbles 1
I kind of loved these cobbles.

central park 4
Our next destination was The Metropolitan Museum of Art and possibly the Guggenheim if we had time. Luckily, it's right across Central Park...which, if you have to walk to get somewhere...it's a pleasant place to walk, right :-)

Central Park 1
The park is full of beautiful, mature trees. Its beautifully landscaped and just a perfect place to stroll.

central park 5
I love this rustic fence.

central park 3
It's great to see so many people really taking advantage of the green space.

met bw
Sadly, once we got to the Met, we realized it was closing in 15 minutes...so didn't even get a chance to go inside. Sigh. That's travel, though, things don't always work out, right? Tired (both of our sore feet and people), we jumped on a bus and headed back to our hotel for some New York pizza while watching the Presidential debate (yes, we really did that)! Stay tuned for future posts on NYC, the next one will probably be about our escapades around Lower Manhattan.

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