Friday, September 11, 2009

Love in the Garden

Love in the Garden

Well...looks like the moths are using my garden as a hook-up spot. Here are two of them on my Tiger Eye sumac. Sadly, I realized the ground behind the sumac (which i just planted last weekend) has settle quite a bit more than the ground in front of a result, it has a definitely lean backwards, which is really exacerbated by the fact the bush in on my sloping front lawn...guess i'll have to shore it up this weekend with a little extra fill-dirt and a good watering to settle it in, hopefully a little more evenly. Still, I hate to disturb such a freshly-planted shrub, especially this late in the season, but it's better than having to live with it, or worse, realizing next spring that it's REALLY noticeable and having to do it then, when it's actually rooted in place. Sigh. On another positive note, however, the neighborhood hummingbird made another visit to the garden this morning, seeming to favor the "Black and Blue" salvias, I seem to recall they prefer flowers with a tubular shape, which, fortunately, I have in abundance, between the Salvias and Agastaches scattered throughout the garden.

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