Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabulous Foliage Friday - October 22, 2010

Melianthus major, Montreal Botanical Garden


  1. I've always admired this plant in books - looks lovely in BnW

  2. Looking good in our garden too. Grows wild along the streams, but plant it in your garden, and people ask - What is that? The birds love it, a steady stream of them coming for the nectar!

  3. So are you growing this, Scott? I'm sure we'll be having a mild winter. If not mine is coming inside until things resume their preferred Zone 9 status. If you don't have it I hope it's on your 2011 list. It's a winner.

  4. That's an awesome photo!! At first I thought they were teeth!! :0)

  5. Major is right! I thought since it was photographed in Montreal I could grow this ... not. Sob, sob. How about you? Are you going to grow this?

  6. It grew rampant in my last garden, but so far no luck here. The photo captures the sawtooth effect perfectly...quite the glamour shot!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    Rosie - I love them too!
    Elephant - They really are striking, I agree!
    Zooey - Me photogenic!
    Grace - I wish! I've been tempted to grow them, but just haven't commited to growing things I'm pretty sure won't over-winter...maybe I'll break down and get one next year ;-)
    TS - hahahahaha...i can see why!
    Violet - I wish I could grow it...maybe next year, with some winter protection...we'll see!
    Whimsical - Thanks!
    Ricki - Keep trying...I need to live vicariously through others who grow it!