Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Fire

Parrotia Persica bud 1
Parrotia persica (Persian Ironwood)
The Persian Ironwood trees we planted last fall (fall of 2009) are about to bloom. I didn't expect them to bloom yet for a couple more years, especially as stressed as they were this summer, but hey, I'm not complaining :-)


  1. Lucky you! Some plants treat being stressed as a challenge.

  2. You know I love these Parrotias, super that it is going to bloom for you this year! I did find a place that carries them locally, if I can figure out a place in my garden..... :-)

  3. Please post a photo when they're completely open. I'm completely intrigued.

  4. Nice surprise! How large are those blossom buds?

  5. Greggo: Thanks!

    Darla: It kind of seems that way, doesn't it!

    Janet: They are pretty cool...I had never heard of them until I started researching. We planted them as part of the city-wide Friends of Trees program...I was impressed this was one of the cultivars listed...the bonus is they were really cheap and I got to plant trees all over our neighborhood and meet some nice people too :-)

    Grace: You can county on it!

    MulchMaid: They are pretty tiny...about the size of a pea, I'd say.

  6. They are such beautiful trees. A little to hot for success in Charleston. The ones I got to know while working at Longwood Gardens were gorgeous. A good tree to invest in for sure.

  7. How pretty Scoot - the flower looks like a floating butterfly :)