Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Interest Part II : SNOW!

Frozen Claws

In a follow-up to last weeks post about Winter Interest in my garden, I decided to do a related post today about the unique winter interest that only snow can provide! We haven't gotten any significant snowfall in PDX this year (and except for one brief showfall, a measly 2" or so last winter) none for the past 2 years. In 2008, however, we got an enormous amount of snow for Portland...something like 8". Needless to say, I ran all over the city, snapping pics!

Winter's Ribs



Bamboo Bokeh





Of course, Winter interest isn't limited to the garden!



St. Johns Snow Study #3



  1. Awesome pictures. I may have flowers right now, but I sure don't have the artistry that is created by snow.
    Did you hear about the garden bloggers meet up in Seattle? Http://

  2. actually make snow look good, and this is a HUGE compliment coming from me.

  3. What beautiful and interesting captures ... I am drawn to the photo of the bright colored chairs piled with snow.

  4. Those are fantastic pictures. Winter still has a ways to go, so perhaps there will be an opportunity somewhere out in the Pacific for you to get some snow this year. Just don't let it come this way.

  5. While I am ready for our snow to be done, I must say your photos are quite good. The night photo at the end is beautiful and I really like the railings with the drifted snow. Nice photos.

  6. Fabulous photos. Loved them all!

  7. Houston: Thanks…I did hear about that recently…I have to figure out if I can go (I know, I know, it's only a couple hour drive!)

    Phil: Thanks!

    danger: High praise indeed!

    Violet Fern: I love that image too, it was such luck stumbling on them, it was almost like they'd been arranged just for me!

    Tatyana: Thanks…me too!

    Catherine: Thanks so much!

    Les: So true…I come from a place where snow in June wasn't unheard of, so I've learned never to turn my back on old Mother Nature ;-)

    Janet: Thanks…I know that feeling, I spent my first 25 years in Nebraska, and while there is nothing quite as magical as the first snow, after digging my car out of a drift every morning for 2 months, I was over winter for a while ;-)

    Phillip: Thanks!

    Patty: Glad you like them!