Thursday, February 24, 2011


Snow On Metal Allium crop

I guess the weather forecasters were FINALLY right...although the amount received was certainly not worthy of the SNOWPOCALYPTIC news coverage ;-)

Snow on Pennisetum Hameln

Snow on Rudbeckia Triloba Broken

Snow on Agastache Summer Sky

Snow on Panicum Shenandoah

Snow on Parrotia Persica 2

Snow on Sedum Autumn Joy

Snow on Echinacea purpurea

Snow on Daffodil

Snow On Metal Allium


  1. Snowpocalypse looks kind of nice, especially the daffs and that last shot with your new allium sculptures.

  2. I see you already put your allium art outside. They look beautiful with the snowfall.

  3. Funny I think we all got excited and posted snow pictures today! Those alliums look FABULOUS by the way...

  4. Oh, your pictures are truly beautiful !! (Even though we in Michigan are quite sick of snow by now!)
    Stay warm!

  5. Love it - we've had more than usual this winter.

  6. We are getting quite a bit of that snow now. As much as I'd like it to be spring, it is fun to get one last (hopefully) snow. I love the Allium sculptures!

  7. Wow. Your daffs are way farther along than even my earliest clump here in the Eastside Seattle suburbs. Are those February Golds?

  8. Gorgeous photos. The Allium photos are incredible.
    Even as beautiful as the snow is, I'm so ready for spring.

  9. Snow is so delicate - when it's not overwhelming - comparable to desert, which I know better. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  10. Love the shot of the Parrotia with the snow on it. Amazing you are having snow now....we are having SPRING!! :-)

  11. Here in the New Orleans area, we rarely get snow, so it is always exciting when it comes. It is nice to occasionally get a few snow pictures of the garden. Looks like you got just enough snow for some pretty photos but not enough to do any damage.

    Always Growing

  12. Hi Scott,
    I was going to ask you what those things are in the last photo, and see that they are allium art. Oh, and that's what's in the first photo, too. Cool! I love all of your snowy photos, but hope it all melts soon. I am getting impatient with winter weather. Your daffodils look so sad!

  13. Your alliums and parrotia both look good in the snow Scott. Hope that it is not eventually heading this side of the pond - we've had enough white stuff for one winter!

  14. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't cut back all of my perennials. :) The snow sure looks lovely on them.

  15. Your photos are gorgeous! Even if it is snow... won't be long until Spring!!

  16. Love your snow pics! The brown blossom heads and stems make a beautiful contrast to the white stuff. I took a few on my way out of town Thursday morning. My favorite was the flamingos in the snow, which might end up as my Christmas card this year!

  17. Cyndy: does indeed!

    Zoey: Thanks...I really do like them!

    Danger: I think we did...a little mass hysteria never hurt anyone, right!

    Sue: I bet you are...and I would be too if I were you!

    Philip: It really seems like you have had a lot of snow...crazy weather this year!

    Catherine: Totally...I'm really ready for spring...but the little snowfall was a nice way to bid winter adieu!

    Kelly: I wish I knew! They came with the house and I have no idea what they are...sadly, the freezing temps last weekend did a number on them and a few of the bloom stalks totally froze off...eek!

    Aerie-el: I hear ya ready for spring!

    Saint Andrew: Exactly...snow, like everything, is better in moderation ;-)

    Janet: We are right behind you...Spring, here we come!

    Jan: Totally...just a light dusting...sadly, we had some really cold temps durning a few days following, which did do some slight damage to some of the emerging plants :-(

    Sue: Me too...spring can't get here soon enough! The daffs were pretty sad, the cold snap after the snow seemed to actually damage a few :-(

    Anna: Hahaha...i hope was such a small amount, I think we are pretty much done for the season.

    Grace Hahaha...hardly, I MIGHT just cut them back this weekend (weather permitting) but they are the only thing interesting in my garden right now!

    Heather: Yay...can't wait for spring here either!

    MulchMaid: Thanks...I really love the rudbeckia shot too...I can't wait to see your flamingo pic....sounds sweet!