Thursday, February 10, 2011


cropped temp

Well, it figures that the week after I pulled back the leaves to reveal all that luscious new growth in a previous post we'd have frost. Murphy's Law, I know. Anyway, the past 2 nights the temps have dipped below freezing and we've gotten some frost. That means for the last 2 mornings, I've gone outside in my PJ's with a watering can to wet the plants before the sun hits (I call it my Little House on the Prairie moment). Does it really make a difference...I don't honestly know...but why take chances :-) Supposedly, if the leaves are still frozen when the sun hits them directly, the ice crystals expand too rapidly and will burst the cells within the leaves...eek!

Egads...what must my neighbors think of me...the crazy man running around at 6:30 in the morning watering his "garden".


  1. It's hard not to get anxious and start clearing leaves. It feels like spring every 15 minutes or so. My theory is, " If you're up this early either you can take the fluxtuating temps or your stupid. If your stupid( or is that me who's stupid) you don't belong in my garden. Maybe it's the weather that's stupid??? Scott, Will you be a garden bloggers workshop on the18th in Portland?

  2. I hope they are cute pj's!

    I've been playing this uncover/recover game with a few things too, it's definitely a challenge to find the right balance.

  3. I never knew if this really helped or not, but I do it anyways. I feel I'm doing a public service, giving the neighbors something to talk about.
    Better safe than sorry when it comes to our precious gardens!

  4. You are not the only one that disregards his clothes when a plant is in danger, lol. Why don't you just put some leaves back on top of them?

  5. Funny that I do the reverse! I grow so many plants from seed, and almost always have a pile of plants waiting in the wings, I let things die if they cannot make it. Sometimes I imagine the plants that are growing are wishing the others ill will just so they can get their chance in the garden.

    (PS-I shared your blog with an old co-worker of yours from the publishing world. Would have sent you a message, but I didn't see any contact info.)

  6. But are you wearing the Laura Ingalls bonnet, as well?

  7. I know where your coming from. ha. Last year I cleaned up all my perennial beds, took out all the leaves, pruned all plants and added new mulch in late January. It was just one of those "had to get in the garden moments". I had some scabiosa, mums and campanula starting to come on. A short stretch of warm weather in February brought on a aggressive spurt of growth, and of course you probably know the rest of the story. Nine degree weather. Nailed all those plants. Learned my lesson on that one. I think mulch would me a better solution for you.

  8. You know it's a gardener outside when (s)he's in her/his PJs (dog owners just open the door and let Fido out). My neighbors are used to seeing me outdoors in my morning warmies and don't even bat an eye anymore. It's all worth it if the plants survive!

  9. Scott,
    I still have 2 feet of snow on the ground so sorry if I have little sympathy for what is happening to you!!! Would be fun to watch, though.

  10. I'm sure the plant gods have looked upon you with favor. All will be well.

  11. When I was a kid, my mother used to weed and mow the lawn in short-shorts and a bra - so really, by some standards, you're being exceptionally discreet and well-mannered, hopping out there in your boxers or jammies. I am sure it only endears you to your neighbors anyway!

  12. Happy birthday Scott!!! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  13. Daniel: First off, OMG...I thought at first you meant the HPSO study weekend this summer ( June I think). I hadn't heard of the one on the 18th...I'll have to look it up quick. I always try to be tough with my plants....but I seem to be a big softie after all.

    Danger: Me too...I luckily found some leaves I hadn't raked up and spread those out...grrr...frost.

    Sue: Very much's a little early-morning of charge!

    Darla: You are totally right...I did find some leaves around the corner and covered them up a little more the other day...lesson learned!

    Ficurinia: hahahahaha...that's awesome...and some plants I'm not terribly hearbroken if they croak...but others I'm a total mother hen ;-)

    Tim: Of course, I wouldn't go out in public looking indecent, after all ;-)

    Janet: :-)

    greggo: Eeek...isn't that just about every gardener's worst nightmare...that false sense of security.

    Phillip: :-)

    MulchMaid: I kind of feel the same way about my's definitely not the first time I've gone out in my PJs and slippers...and yes...the plants are what matters...pride grows back too, right???

    Michael B. Gordon: Hahaha...yeah, that's exactly what my dad says (still lives in Nebraska) when I complain about light frost while he's digging out of 8 feet of snow!

    Grace: From your lips to those gods' ears :-)

    Kate: Hahaha...I'm sure you were mortified! I'm pretty sure they've got me pegged by now...doesn't every neighborhood needs one really eccentric person obsessed with their garden...I think so.

    Krissy: Thx!

  14. This winter has not been like a normal winter for us. Usually, we have cold and then warm spells and then cold. I am constantly covering and uncovering plants, so I can sympathize we your antics. I am out in my jammies in the morning almost year round. Best time to take photos is very early in the morning.

    Always Growing

  15. Scott, I got a good laugh at your morning exploits. I totally understand. Now living a more rural life, I sometimes water my garden in my boxers. After the last surprise visit, I told my lovely 88 year old neighbor to whistle next time she walks up the drive. She suggested an alternative solution: I could just wear pants when leaving the house. Love her.

  16. Greetings from Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron