Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello there, sleepyhead!

rheum palmatum tanguticum March 30, 2011  027
Rheum palmatum tanguticum
Well, just as I had about given up hope that my ornamental rhubarb had made it through the winter, I spotted a little bud emerging from the ground yesterday. I was surprised a few weeks ago when it hadn't emerged yet, almost a month behind schedule...but I needn't have feared, it was just waiting for the right moment. I've learned the best way to make something pop up is to start planning what you're going to replace it with ;-)


  1. It's sort of like the famous Godfather line "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in."

  2. I'm having more and more starting to pop through as well. It' so nice to finally see some life in the gardens and so many things budding out.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  3. Hurray! Glad it survived. I bet it will start growing by leaps and bounds now.

  4. Isn't that the truth?! You plan a replacement and now you've got to rethink everything. But who's complaining, right? Glad your Rhubarb is alive.

  5. Hey that theory of replacement works for me, that is sometimes. You will probably wish it didn't if it grows like I know rhubarb grows. Ha.

  6. Hi Scott, do you have search feature on the blog? I'm trying to locate your postings about your favorite geraniums.
    Thanks Tom

  7. Darla...Indeed...whew!

    ONG: Hahahaha...totally!

    Sunray: Agreed...I love this time of year!

    Alison: I bet so too...once it's up it seems to grow a mile a minute!

    Grace: hahaha...totally, it's like it senses it can't just be lazy anymore and gets it's little rhubarb act together ;-)

    Greggo: I go back and forth on it...I love the Rhubarb...but it's a space-hog, for sure!

    Aerie-el: Yay! Me Too!

    Tom: There is now ;-) Check the top right-hand part of the page...hopefully it works!