Monday, March 28, 2011

I was bad

cephalaria gigantea plants  023
Cephalaria gigantea
Well...even though I sorta promised myself I wouldn't buy any plants this year without a certain place to put them, let alone before the backyard is ready to receive plants (right now it looks a bit like a breeding pit for orcs), I may have...ummm...accidentally bought some plants this weekend.

I know, I'm weak, but you all understand, right?!? You know how you occasionally stumble upon a plant you've been looking for...and never could find. Well...there they were, this beautiful trio of Cephalaria could I resist! You know I love big (especially tall) well as blowsy, ephemeral's like the nursery knew I was coming and put it out just to entice me. Now my punishment starts, I have to find a place for them...if only we'd get a few dry days I could start the backyard excavation...sigh.

Also...I'm seeing a strange recurring pattern in the two plant purchases this spring have both been of plants with "gigantea" in their you think I have some sort of "small-garden" complex??? ;-)


  1. Oh, I think it's good to be bad, and I'll always have time for the bold and the beautiful plants over the little tiny creatures you've got to make a special trip outside to see. Congrats on your gigantic purchases!

  2. If you're bad, then I'm evil incarnate.

    great looking plant (I had to look it up). My wife saw the giant purple one in the Annie's catalog and really wanted it. I love the color of this species over purple myself.

  3. I've promised myself the same thing this year, and so far I've been good - but then it's only March. It looks like it will be a great plant and I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for them.

  4. Go bad boy! This is what gardening is all's no fun if you do everything all proper like.

  5. Please keep us posted on how Cephalaria fares in your garden. I understand that, in Europe, they string wire in front of it to keep it from flopping over.

  6. So many great plants in your garden this year. What an exciting summer this will be!

  7. You had me at "I Was Bad" LOL!! I love your "confession" and yes I believe you're in good company as most of us would rather buy plants than food. :) I am, however not familiar with this Cephalaria so as soon as I'm done here I'm going to Google it.

    BTW, the Phuopsis is indeed a bit "skunky" as you put it but I only smell it if I'm standing right by it. There are worse smells.

  8. I'll have to look this one up too, I also love big plants! Boy, do I understand the need to buy something you've been looking for, even without a place to put it. Been there, done that, over and over.

  9. Scott I love the garden rules we set, only to break. I too have a rule like yours, I can't buy a plant as long as I have plants still in nursery pots at home.

    It rarely works when little nursery plants cry to be adopted. I listened.

  10. I have yet to wrap my brain around self-control in a nursery! Looking forward to watching your garden grow.

  11. Oh, we can never stop ourselves, can we? No matter if the garden is chock-full, we still want to fit in two or three plants.

  12. Cyndy: Hahaha...totally...the best part about rules is breaking them!

    Ryan Miller: Hahahahahaha...we're in good company, then. I've never see the giant purple one (just smaller ones). I'll have to pop over to Annies to check it out. I do love the color of these...that soft, primrose yellow...goes so well with everything!

    Catherine: hahaha...I know...I sort of felt I could at least make it to the HPSO plant sale before I crumbled...what little willpower I seem to have these days :-)

    Danger: Hehehe...completely, I can't help but ignore all my rationalizing once I see plants in front of me.

    Allan Becker: What a good idea...I've been wondering how they'll fare in our little wind-tunnel of a neighborhood...I think I'll be proactive and try the wire...can't hurt!

    Janet: Sounds like we're both card-carrying members ;-)

    Denise: I can't wait...every day brings us closer!

    Grace: Hahaha...good company, indeed! I think I may grab the Phuopsis next time I see it...I've been so tempted after seeing it on various blogs, it's really lovely!

    Alison: Right! It's so hard because you never know when you'll see them again, so you might as well take the plunge.

    Tom: can we resist those sweet little darlings...we're really just being kind, right?

    Darla: I'm pretty sure we'll figure it out someday...or not!

    Chandramouli: Definitely...there's enough love to go around...if only my neighbors would let me plant their garden too ;-)

  13. I hear we're going to have some dry days, and possible ****gasp**** sunshine later this week. I have a cart's worth of plants from Portland Nursery sitting on my back patio that I have to get in. Setting the tone for the season by planting everything I buy within one week. Right? RIGHT!

  14. Or as they say in certain circles, you just like em' big! Nothing wrong with that in the wonderful world of plants!!

    The whole needing a space for it before buying it is like giving up chocolate at Lent.....choose another religion!

  15. Big, but airy. I grew it in my former garden and it surprised me. It grew well, bloomed every year, and was amazingly resilient even in bad weather.