Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 15, 2011

I may be a day late, but here they are, for what it's worth! It really seems like everything is late this year...the unending rain is also making it impossible to get things in the ground...ugh.

erysimum bowles mauve april 16 2011  179
Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'
I finally ripped out the Erysimum I had planted when first moving here...after a few years, they just die off. I debated for quite a while about whether to replace them with something with a bit more longevity. In the end, I decided I liked the fact that they were evergreen and bloomed for so replaced them this spring with 3 new plants.

geranium macrorrhizum april 16 2011  185
Geranium macrorrhizum (Bigroot Geranium)
These are just about to open (a few pots of them I have yet to plant are actually blooming already!) One of the few evergreen plants in my garden, I rely on its lovely, lush foliage during the entire year...the blooms are a nice bonus! They are a oft, warm pink, borne during spring and early summer for the most part. The best part about this plant, however, is the scent, which is rich and woodsy, almost like cedar and incense (although my partner HATES the smell).

oxalis oregana april 16 2011  189
Oxalis oregana
While this is another plant that I don't really grow for the flowers, they are lovely, nonetheless. These little white flowers appear sporadically during the entire growing season, but bloom heaviest in the spring.

daffodil april 16 2011  184
Narcissus (Daffodil)
This is one of the few plants that came with the house...and while they are a welcome sight at this time of year, in a few weeks their foliage will start to die back and will remain a mess for months to come. As a result, they are getting moved this year after they are done blooming...even if I risk losing the blooms next spring (or even killing them), I just can't stand looking at the mush pile of leaves all summer long at the very front of the border.

spanish bluebells april 16 2011  180
Hyacinthoides hispanica (Spanish Bluebells)
Another plant that came with the house...I am gradually thinning out the horribly congested clumps which smother everything around them with their heavy, strappy leaves that turn to goo the instant they are done blooming. Another bulb that is lovely while blooming, awful when not.

centranthus ruber april 16 2011  169
Centranthus ruber
Ok, so it's not a bloom close!

chives april 16 2011  168
Another ALMOST bloom ;-)

And of course, there are the tulips and iris which are mere days from blooming, but just aren't quite there yet. Strangely, all the houses around me have had tulips blooming for weeks...mine are always a few weeks behind (then again, I planted a range of early, mid and late-blooming tulips, so hopefully I'll get a longer show).


  1. Haven't seen any of you posts lately. I guess not everyone can stay home a lick their wounds like me. We just got blasted with 35 degrees last night and has but somewhat of a damper on thing. High spring is just around the corner, you could send some of that rain here by the way. Your plants look a little depressed but will shine soon.

  2. Look at all your wet plants! I need to go look at that Erisymum - wonder if it grows in Virginia? Probably not or I'd have seen it around here.

    My house came with Spanish Bluebells also, and I agree about the foliage. Mine are planted so deep, and so close to other things, that I have little success digging them out.

  3. Yes, it's been a wet, cold spring here but your Boom Day flowers look spritely, if rather moist! I like the look of that Geranium macrorrhizum - evergreen, you say? That's one for me to look up. We took out a huge bed of Centranthus ruber when we moved here 4 years ago. Now I wish we had a little of it back for some mid-summer color. I hear we'll get some dryness over the next week. I devoutly hope so. Go forth and plant!

  4. The rain is really such a bad joke that just goes on and on...

    I have the same issue with my neighbors things blooming before mine. Everyones Euphorbia seem to be a week or two ahead of mine. I'm glad you included the Centranthus ruber as it is a real looker!

  5. Here in USDA zone 4b we can only dream about what is already growing in your garden. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Everything looks so lush and pretty! I am sick of the rain, but your pictures look great with all the water droplets.

    You are lucky, you get to admire all the neighbors' tulips before yours, and then you get to admire your own!

  7. Everything is so lush and green. Looks like you have had some good rain this spring.

  8. Greggo: Ouch! Surprisingly, we had a few nights near freezing last week as well...just around the time of the Hardy Plant Sale...I was certainly keeping my eye on the temps.

    Cherry Lane: OMG...mine too...I dug out a ton last year, but somehow, there must have been some EVEN DEEPER, because they are coming up in the areas I excavated...sheesh!

    MulchMaid: Evergreen indeed...I'm planning on getting more and more and interplanting them around larger perennials as a sort of living mulch. Centranthus is one of those things that you can definitely have too much of...but I still love having a few here and there...they are so carefree and the color is so rich and saturated.

    Danger: Definitely...and I'm the LAST person who ever complains about rain (yeah, I'm kinda the rain). This spring, however, I'm kinda sick of it...especially seeing all my plants sitting on the walkway, waiting to be planted.

    Allanbecker:'re so right...I keep forgetting how good we have it here!

    Alison:'s like free Tulips for me ;-)

    Compost: Although not so fun for the gardeners at times....the plants are really loving the that they are up, most things are growing like weeds!

  9. Your description of the Hyacinthoides makes me rethink planting so many. They naturalize easily here, and I had visions of blue drifts.