Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Garden Photo Wednesday

Astrantia major 'Star of Beauty'
The first Astrantia bloom in my garden...woohoo!!! To be fair, this is one I bought at the HPSO sale a few weeks ago...and must have had a small blooming stalk I didn't notice at the time. All the ones I planted last year in the garden are still just growing mounds of foliage. Still, it gives one hope for the blooms to come :-)


  1. I'm so glad you explained how that bloom came about, I was going to be very disappointed in my own otherwise! In any case, I am quite jealous.

  2. I saw this in your flickr account a few days ago and was happy for you, but also jealous and worried that mine aren't as far along. Now I know why! It looks great! I wished I had picked up more at the YGPS, where I just got one Hadspen Blood.

  3. So pretty! I was happy to see leaves coming up on mine, but I think it'll be awhile before it blooms.

  4. Just beautiful Scott! I just planted three of them because I think they are such a pretty flower. I really like the color of yours. Mine was a mixed assortment so it will be a surprise to see what colors I may have. LOL!

  5. Aren't astrantias magnificent? I love the variegated colors on yours.

  6. I was going to your Astrantia are sure far ahead of mine. :) This is a good reminder of what's coming, indeed. Just beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! This is a new flower for me.

  8. That is lovely, especially with the blue in the background.

  9. That's a lovely flower with a nice edgy quality to its little pointy petals. I'm unfamiliar with astrantia...more research is clearly in order!

  10. Darla: Thanks!

    Alison: hahahaha...I bet...I kinda felt like I was had to give a disclaimer ;-)

    Ryan: Exactly...I kinda felt like a fake...if you want more, we should expedite our Dancing Oaks trip...they have quite a few available...even A. maxima...which I'm very intrigued by.

    Catherine: Me too...all the ones I planted last fall are just getting up and growing...I'm hoping to have some blooms in a month.

    Philip: Thanks!

    Lona: I can't wait to see what yours turn out like...they are such lovely plants!

    Patricia Tryon: They are so lovely...I'm hoping mine fare well!

    Grace: hahahahahaha...yeah...I totally punked everyone ;-)

    Ginny: If you have a semi-shady, moist spot, they should thrive there!

    sweetbay: I thought so too...a happy accident :-)

    MulchMaid: I know, I love that pointy little collar of bracts!

  11. That is so pretty! But I know nothing of astrantias...
    It seems rather otherworldly, with all those colors and then it opens to that bundle of like other blooms hidden inside or maybe... It just does kind of remind me of an alien space ship, a tiny one but they might BE tiny, one that might have landed in your garden and so it has this stalk that "you didn't notice at the time"-- Scott are you SURE it's the plant you bought?!

    (I do try to control my jealously in these situations but it tends to emit...stuff.)