Monday, November 14, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 15, 2011

GBBD_November 2011
November...can it really be! We've been really lucky here in Portland and have had a very pleasant autumn. I keep thinking it should have frosted by now (can never remember when our typical first frost is), but it means that every day from now until then is just that much more precious. The cool weather has re-invigorated me and I'm out quite a bit, taking photos, tidying up and generally just enjoying the garden. I find that during most of the year, if I think about November in the garden, I think of it as dormant...but that's definitely not the case. While it's not the powerhouse that it is in summer, the garden is still holding its own. Of course, most of the focus at this time of year is on form, foliage and seed heads. Looking closer, however, I realized there were still quite a few plants blooming...some just as heavily as any other time of the year!

echinacea purpurea  963
Echinacea 'Magnus'
I love the Echinacea as they steadily inch their way to winter...this may be the last of the blooms. It may be small, but it's just as vibrant as the first blooms of June!

verbena ridiga and muhlenbergia capillaris  956
Verbena rigida and Muhlenbergia capillaris
You can hardly beat this Verbena for durability...sometimes they even blooms after the first freeze. I love the soft pink of the Verbena paired with the wonderful mauvy-pink of the Muhly Grass and the muted pink buttons of Aster 'Prince' in the background.

sedum autumn joy  983
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
I can never decide at which point I should stop calling these blooms and start calling them seed heads. I suppose at this point, it's fair to include them in both...and in either case, they are lovely. I especially love them when the foliage turns this wonderful, buttery yellow.

persicaria firetail  982
Persicaria 'Firetail'
How is it possible that every single Persicaria is still blooming. Not just that, it always seems like the cooler weather of autumn triggers a second growth spurt. Without exception, they have all grown more over the past month or two, and are blooming with increased vigor.

persicaria golden arrow and panicum  980
Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' & Panicum 'Shenandoah'
The newly-planted 'Golden Arrow' seems very happy in its spot. While most fall-planted things seem to sit in suspended animation, Persicarias grow like it's spring. Love, love, love the ruby-red wands of blooms paired with the wonderful yellowing foliage of the neighboring Panicum 'Shenadoah'.

agastache blue blazes  972
Agastache 'Blue Blazes'
Some of the Agastaches that I cut back (due to their heavy stems getting snapped by heavy rains), have re-sprouted from lateral shots are are blooming again! The blooms at this time of year aren't the tall spikes...rather, they are cute little buttons.

agastache purple haze  971
Agastache 'Purple Haze'
This Agastache proved to be a real workhorse. I think I may try to take cuttings next spring and propogate really makes an impact with it's rigidly upright form and smoky purple blooms.

salvia black & blue  954dicentra scandens  970
Salvia 'Black & Blue'Dicentra scandens

salvia black & blue  968
Salvia 'Purple majesty'
While it doesn't look particularly majestic right now, 'Purple Majesty' keeps blooming. I've found that this particular Salvia doesn't always overwinter for we'll see if it returns next year.

knautia macedoncia  969
Knautia macedonica
Another plant new to my garden this year, Knautia macedonica has proven itself worthy of a spot in my garden. It bloomed for the entire summer and is still going (lightly...but still). I've come to love it's rich, red blooms and the charming little spherical seedheads.

aster prince  967
Aster 'Prince'
This wonderful Aster has been really spectacular this year, it's finally come into it's own. About 2' x 2', it's a smaller Aster, but very easy to tuck into an existing border. I really want to plant a few more next year in this part of the long as the new shed doesn't block too much sun for this area...cross your fingers.

eutrochium chocolate  953
Eutrochium 'Chocolate'
It looks a bit seedy, but I couldn't help but post this picture...which I may actually like more because of the awesome ball-shaped seed heads of the Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'

geranium ann folkard and persicaria golden arrow  965
Geranium 'Ann Folkard' and Persicaria 'Golden Arrow'
'Ann Folkard' Geranium is another garden superstar that is re-invigorated by the cooler weather of fall. I love how it keeps pushing out new foliage, and it's interesting to see just how much the foliage changes during the year, as the older foliage is mostly green. Those vibrant purple blooms with their contrasting black eye never fail to please...especially paired with the contrasting pinkish-red spikes of the nearby Persicaria.

geranium rozanne  976
Geranium 'Rozanne'
And lastly, it would hardly be a bloom day without the bloomingest plant in my garden, Geranium 'Rozanne'. I can't believe this plant is able to put on such a show. Even if it isn't blanketed with blooms at this time of year, they are so beautiful that even a few can make all the difference. I especially love it right now, as the blue blooms contrast so wonderfully with the foliage as it takes on warm autumn tints.

Is your garden still going...if so, what's blooming!?! For more blooms all over the world, head over to the official Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post at May Dreams Garden!


  1. I hope you get to enjoy your late flowers a little longer before the frosts end the show. I'm picking a flower here, another there to find November blooms, but it looks like you've got a few where the whole plant is still looking good. Enjoy your bloom day!

  2. Can't believe what you still have blooming. What a joy to still see these. I love looking at your Persicaria when you post photos.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  3. Great post, Scott. Is it normal to have so much blooming in your garden at this time of year. I'm very tempted to plant some drifts of Persicaria next year. They combine so well with other plantings and flower for so long.

  4. Still looks great! I'm envious!!

  5. Gorgeous blooms Scott! So many beautiful flowers to look at, at this time of the year.

  6. Your fall garden is looking marvelous! Lots of great choices you've planted. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

  7. Beautiful images, so much wonderful colour. Every time I see that persicaria on your blog I am reminded that I really, really want one...

  8. We have had one frost here, strange that Florida did but you did not. I'm planting my gardens for the winter now. Your photos today are just gorgeous!

  9. Those are some great blooms, especially the Rozanne geranium. And I love the dicentra too.

  10. I like the look of that Persicaria Firetail, hope it is hardy in zone 5. I will look for it in the spring.


  11. Ahhhh, I love seeing photos of your garden.

  12. Beautiful pics as usual!
    I love your verbena rigida! Is it 'Polar something'? I have the species, which is a strong cardinal purple. Always in bloom, very tough and rather weedy but that colour gives me headache! I must find a variety closer to you paler one!
    How's the shed project going by the way? Keep us posted on that!


  13. What gorgeous fall colors and blossoms you have. It is hard to believe it is November already, isn't it? Where did the year go? Happy Bloom Day.

  14. The last echinacea blossoms are a treat.

    I had not thought of putting Verbena on a Stick with Gulf Muhly. I was already interested in planting Beautyberry with Muhly. I'll be dividing and trying new things all spring.

  15. The ball-shaped seed heads of your Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' are what caught my eye. Love them!

  16. I always am delighted by your photos! Lovely post. Happy GBBD!

  17. Your gardens are still so full of color! Love your verbena and sedum and your perennial geranium. I just planted some this year and am amazed with the longevity of this plant.

  18. I was wondering about the persicaria myself. I think mine is 'Firetail' and it was blooming at the end of June and very recently when I checked it this fall. I never remember it doing that. your right about 'Rozanne'--what a great plant.

  19. Hi Scott,

    We've had a very mild and strange November too... Today is perhaps the warmest November 15th I can ever remember - it's my birthday so I always take notice! Normally it's bitterly cold and dreary. Instead it was sunny and positively warm in the sun. I was out in the city centre with nothing covering my forearms and not cold at all!
    I've also discovered a strange mix of plants beginning to bloom again, ranging from Roses to Scabious and at the same time I've seen Crocus popping their noses up and I believe, Tulips.

  20. What gorgeous fall color Scott. All that fall foliage looks fantastic punctuated by your still plentiful blooms. Happy Bloom Day!

  21. In anticipation of snow, all my perennials have been cut down to the ground. Had they still been growing, I'm certain my Persicaria would also still be in bloom. What an awesome plant.

  22. Check out those sexy Geranium 'Rozanne' & 'Ann Folkard'! Thanks for checking out our blooms! You NEED Nemophila 'Penny Black'. I think I can confidently say it's my all time favorite annual.

  23. Great tour. I'm very impressed with your garden, love the hues. Good to see your photos again. You must be very proud of your progress. loved your grasses post also.

  24. Again, I am astonished at how much you cram into your garden. (and now I am kicking myself at not including my sedum in my post - here in upstate NY mine looks to be about as far along as yours.)

  25. The blooms with the background autumnal foliage are just stunning! If I had room for another Geranium, I'd have to get 'Ann Folkard'. Great bloom color, great foliage color, what a "wow" plant.

  26. Such a nice, interesting mix of flowers and foliage! I wish I'd had success with agastache, but alas, I haven't had any. Maybe that persicaria would work though ...

  27. Beautiful shots! Everything looks so pretty!

  28. What a treat it is to see so many blooms, especially since here in zone 5 most of our blooms have succumbed to a killer frost. All your photos are beautiful, but I love, love the last one with the purple geranium and its fall foliage--gorgeous!

  29. I forgot to check on my Ann Folkard as it was blooming last week. I really like the foliage of that geranium aswell and the flowers compliment the persicaria so well.

  30. The combination of Verbena rigida with the pink Muhly grass is inspired. Beautiful.

    I noticed the same hardiness from the Verbena 'Homestead Purple' in my garden; even after snow it was still putting out a few flowers. It reseeded itself from the previous season, so I am hoping it holds on again in its north facing blustery spot.

    And Rozanne is one of my favorites as well. I hope your shed is done before it gets much colder!

  31. James: It's definitely a case of enjoying what we have while we have it…I'm sure our first frost is on it's way ;-)

    Sunray Gardens: Aren't the Persciarias great plants…can't believe I had never grown them before the last few years!

    Janet: You know, I'm not sure, but it seems like it's pretty typical for Portland…then again, we don't have a REAL winter…so some things could pretty much go all year (except of the occasional night it freezes)!

    Sue: Thanks! I wish I could take credit for the weather!

    Mark and Gaz: Isn't it great…and I don't break into a sweat doing it now!

    Karin/Southern Meadows: Glad you enjoyed them…thanks for stopping by!

    Janet/Plantaliscious: Get one…they are fabulous plants!!!

    Darla: Isn't it weird how weather works…I finally looked it up and our first first date of the year is typically Nov. 15…guess we're on borrowed time ;-)

    Erica Smith: Don't you just love 'Rozanne'! That Dicentra was a gift from a fellow gardener in Portland…love it!

    Gatsby Gardens: I don't know for sure…but I think it just might be hardy for you!

    Liza: Thanks so much…glad you enjoyed them!

    altroverde: I'm not sure what the name is…but that does sound familiar…I'll save some seeds if I can and send them along with the Persicaria ;-) The shed is coming along slowly…but steadily…cross your fingers we have a dry weekend so we can make more progress!

    Dorothy/Gardening with Nature: Isn't it crazy…I could swear yesterday was August…sheesh!

    NellJean: Aren't they, though…something about knowing there won't be more until next year makes them so special. I can't wait to see what you do next spring!

    Loree/Danger Garden: I love them too…they are always kind of an unexpected perk for me!

    noel: Thanks…I like 'em too ;-)

    Jenni @ RainyDayGardener: Thanks so much…glad you like them!

    Landscape Design By Lee: OMG…aren't they great…they don't seem like they should be such workhorses…but they are!

    Carolyn@Carolyns Shade Gardens: I think A LOT of Persicarias get mislabeled as well…the one I bought under the name 'Firetail' actually had a second label inside the pot that just said "Persicaria specious"…very interesting.

    Gwirrel: Happy Birthday…and nice weather to boot! I can't believe there were tulips blooming in November…they MUST be confused!

    Garden Girl: I agree…the fall foliage makes everything look EVEN better!

    allanbecker-gardenguru: Ha! Isn't it though…can't believe I never grew them until the past few years…oh, what I was missing!

    Megan: OMG…I totally am getting some…I think I saw that Annie's Annuals sells them…I'm putting them on my wish-list for next year ;-)

    greggo: Thanks so much…I'm glad you enjoyed them…gotta love the grasses!

    bookworm: hahahahaha…it might be a vice more than a virtue to some…my propensity towards "crowdscaping"!

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter: I agree…and if you ever have room please plant some Ann Folkard…you own't regret it!

    ks: Thanks so much!

    Jean: So sorry you've been unlucky with Agastaches…isn't that the way of it…I have trouble with some plants that others grow with ease…it can be a little maddening!

    kacky: Thanks so much…glad you like them!

    Rose: Me too…it's my have of all the shots…there's something about that rich blue with the warm fall colors…love it!

    Donald's Garden: Thanks so much!

    leavesnbloom: Totally…it was a lucky pairing with the Persicaria…sometimes that just happens!

    Wife, Mother, Gardener: Thank so much…would it be bad to admit I was just trying to cram the Verbena in somewhere there was room…lucky accident! I actually love 'Homestead Purple' too…although mine wasn't blooming right now…strange…hmmmm.

  32. I can't get over the number of lovely and delicate blooms you still have, Scott. And what's this about those Persicarias acting like it's spring, and blooming and all? At my house they're down for the count. I'll look forward to hearing how your Agastache cutting experiment goes: keep us posted next year!

  33. MulchMaid: hahaha...I know...aren't those Persicarias something...I do think they really prefer the cooler weather...rather like my Erysimum...which I totally forgot to show...oops! Oh...let me know if you'd like some of the Agastache cuttings...I have so many kinds...and at least if they don't make it, hey, they were free! ;-)

  34. Beautiful images for both GBBD and Foliage Follow-up. You climate is very forgiving in the Autumn season.