Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Miscanthus malepartus seed heads
Thanks to all of you out there! Thanks to my fellow bloggers who continually post such awesome content. Of course, thanks to all you who follow and read my blog...for putting up with all my ranting, gushing and generally random musings about life and gardening ;-) I'm so happy to be part of the garden blogging community...with it's amazing wealth of funny, interesting, thoughtful and knowledgeable individuals. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and precious informations! :)

  2. Thankyou for posting such eye-candy.

    I seriously need that grass.

    Some people need alcohol, others need caffeine... I need pretty grassssssies.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Scott! I have to say "putting up with" is not it. I love your ranting and gushing, especially when it's accompanied by your marvelous pictures.

  4. Thanks had a nice day and hoping yours was as well.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Glad to count you among those who I consider regulars! Cheers!

  6. Well we are blessed to have you Scott. I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. And you too! Hope you had a lovely one :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I have very much enjoyed your posts, your enthusiasm and your wonderful photos.

  9. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I am glad to have found your blog. I always enjoy your photos and gushings.

  10. Late to wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, Scott. I hope it was wonderful. Visiting your blog is always a highlight of my week. Best wishes for the coming holiday season!

  11. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Scott. As usual you posted a fabulous photo! We've so much to be thankful for, don't we?

  12. Nice photo and post. Hope the holiday season is going well for you.

  13. I always love popping over here Scott - usually later than everyone else for the most recent post LOL.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I always enjoy stopping by to see your wonderful photos. Enjoy the winter months and the holiday season!

  15. Altroverde: Anytime, Alberto!

    gwirrel: OMG…you should get it, it's GREAT!

    Alison: Hahahahahaha…thanks!

    Darla: Cheers!

    Sunray Gardens: Ditto!

    Compost in my shoe: Same to you!

    Lona: Awww…shucks ;-)

    Mark and Gaz: Back atcha!

    sweetbay: Thanks so much…that's what keeps me going :-)

    Bluestem: Absolutely, I'm so glad to have found yours, too…it's nice finding kindred spirits out there!

    PlantPostings: Thanks so much…happy holidays to you, too :-)

    Grace Peerson: OMG…totally so much…I really need to try to be more positive this next year ;-)

    Why I Garden: Absolutely…you too!

    Lrong: Ditto!

    leavesnbloom: Hahahaha…I always feel like I'm tardy in visiting other blogs as well…you're in good company!

    Landscape Design By Lee: Thanks so much…you too!