Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bloom Day September 2015

Once again, it's the middle of the month and time for our check-in on what's popping in the garden. After the LONGEST, hottest, driest spring and summer ever here in Portland, the garden is ready for fall...and so am I. Still, the garden has endured and still manages to look decent, for the most part...but I'm re-evaluating some areas and plants for renovation/removal...then again...aren't we all?

persicaria golden arrow
Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' had a hard time this summer, scorching badly and then completely collapsing (which it has never done before). Still, once cooler temps arrived (along with a little moisture) they perked back up again. I admit, I'll give a little extra effort for this one...it's just too pretty to give up!

spent rudbeckai sun
Rudbeckia is such a harbinger of autumn to me...even if it starts blooming in summer. I actually love it most as it just starts to "go over" and the petals wilt into little tutus.

Of course, September means Sedums...and while I have mixed luck with them, this one area of the garden seems to keep them pretty happy...here we have a mx of 'Matrona' and another, mystery Sedum...perhaps 'Xenox'.

scabiosa scrim
In the same area is one of my absolute favorite plants, Scabiosa ochroleuca...I'm going to add more of these next year...they are so fabulous.

vernonia vertical
Another standout plant that has really come into its own this year is Vernonia 'Southern Cross'...a taller cultivar of the more common 'Iron Butterfly'. It has outstanding form and structure, vivid magenta flowers and gorgeous, fluffy seedheads later.

vernonia southern cross
I think it deserves a second look, don't you?

solidago medusa
Another herald of the changing of seasons is the wonderful Solidago, or Goldenrod. I believe this particular variety is called 'Fireworks' and I love it's crazy medusa-like blooms. Growing up in the Midwest, I loathed Goldenrod as common and weedy...my, how times change ;-)

echinacea past present
If one photo from my garden embodies this time of year, however, it's this of the fading and already gone-to-seed Echinacea. It's a time of both bounty and death...a preamble of Autumn-to-come...and eventually, winter. There is something wonderful about this time of year, even if it's bittersweet. The garden has done it's job and is now preparing to slumber while the gardener sharpens his tools and prepares to dig into fall chores (bulb planting...yes!).

north strip v3
I know, reading back through this, that I've missed a handful of plants, but I'm sure they'll appear in a few of these wider shots...here, the North Border looking west, dominated by the statuesque Eutrochium.

north corner wider
And here, the same border looking east, fronted by a micro meadow of Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky', punctuated with Liatris and Allium.

front garden shady2
Here we have the Front Border, as always, anchored by 'Tiger Eyes' Sumac and Miscanthus 'Malepartus'.

front border shady
And the Front Border looking north...again, with 'Tiger Eyes' dominating and a scattering of containers extending the beds...although, truth be told, this year they are more temporary homes for wayward plants that I haven't decided the fate of yet!

corner view
And here's a wide shot of everything...I still can't believe we just painted the house this spring...I can hardly remember what it looked like before!

punky the puma
Of course, we can't leave without saying hello to the furry denizens of Rhone Street, can we? Here' Punky Cat lounging on the sidewalk, wondering when I'll stop taking pictures and give him some treats.

Little Gordon, who is feeling better again, enough so that she now wants to go outside all the time (supervised, of course.)

sleepy boots 1
And dear Boots...who is sleeping away the last days of summer, dreaming, I'm sure, of flannel sheets, sleeping with the windows wide open, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Oh wait, that's me ;-)

Happy Bloom day...and as always, head over the May Dreams Gardens for more!

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