Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Plant Sales!

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As many of you are well away, fall is the best time for planting...especially here in the PNW. I stupidly often plant a lot in the spring, and then spend the entire summer (especially this awful, godforsaken summer) cursing that I spend all my free time watering newly-planted plants.

standing ovation
Fall is perfect for planting here, however, as our (hopefully) plentiful autumn rains and cooler temps are great for new plants settling in and putting down good root systems. Luckily for us here in the Portland area, we have not one but TWO plant sales this weekend (On Saturday, September 12, to be exact)!

sedum and scabiosa
Unfortunately, they both happen on the same day (when it rains, it pours, right?), but a dedicated plantaholic can probably make it to both. First up (if you want to see the speaker) is the HPSO PlantFest, held, as has become tradition of the past two years, at PCC Rock Creek Campus. Speaker Claudia West will give a presentation titled "Stunning Ecological Plant Combinations", which I'm pretty curious to see.

northwind h
A brief description from the HPSO website says: "Plants are the foundation of healthy ecosystems and they bring beauty and joy to our lives. But great plants alone don't automatically create "ecological" benefits in our gardens. Claudia West, ecological sales manager at North Creek Nurseries, premier wholesale perennial grower in Landenberg, PA, talks about spectacular perennials and grasses and how to use them in stable, layered, natural combinations that increase both the ornamental and ecological value of your home landscape. Claudia is co-author of a new book, Planting in a Post-Wild World, with landscape architect Thomas Rainer, to be published this fall by Timber Press."

echinacea fading away
Immediately following the lecture, the plant shopping commences for those attending the speech. For those not attending the speech, the doors for the sale open at 11 and run until 2pm. Happily, parking is plentiful and FREE! I can't wait to see what the vendors have brought...I usually end up buying way more at this sale than I do at Hortlandia...just because I tend to gravitate towards plants that peak during fall.

solidago medusa
Next up is the Salem Hardy Plant Society's Plant Sale, which is held, as usual, at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall...just west of Salem.

vertical vernonia 2
Like the above HPSO sale, there are always a lot of great vendors with beautiful plants just waiting for new homes (maybe even MY home)!

echinops sunset
In addition to plants, the Salem Sale has Master Gardener Advisors, Tool Sharpening by Edgemaster, Plastic Pot Recycling and a variety of decorative and useful garden accessories.

september sunset echinacea
So, what just do I hope to find/pick up? Well...rather a lot, but in light of recent vet bills...I'm going to be taking it easy this year...as my plant budget is pretty much shot for the rest of 2015! However, I'm always on the hunt for new grasses, so might be tempted if something too good to pass up shows up. Also, I've been toying with the idea of replacing most of the Agastaches in my parking strips with more durable Liatris. I remember last year at the Salem sale I passed up some really beautiful Liatris and totally regretted it later.

grassy sunset
Either way, I hope everyone who lives in the area can make it to the sale...you'll probably see me at them both...probably with a huge cup of coffee to keep me going during such a packed day!

panicum shenandoah
What about you...are you planning on going to one or both? What are you looking/searching for...and what do you have planned for your fall garden?

boots at dusk
Here's to happy plant-shopping...from Boots and I ;-)

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