Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - September 22, 2010



  1. Oh I would just love to be able to grow these as perennials. The hues of pink are just wonderful on the soft seedheads. Have you seen pennisetum firecracker? I think you would like its foliage.

  2. I love mountain grass and fountain grass, but alas they are not perennial in my zone! I plant them every year in window boxes and pots, and I am always so sad when the season ends. Your picture is lovely. Pam

  3. Is this 'Karley Rose' or 'Rubrum'? Either way, very nice.

  4. Hi Everyone...thanks for stopping by :-)

    leavesnbloom: I do my grasses ;-) I'll have to look up Firecracker...sounds intriguing!

    Pam: I know your heartache, I grew up in Z4 (sorta Z3 since we were out in the country and pretty exposed) and I lost my Pennisetum and Miscanthus every winter. I Finally resorted to collecting seed from native grasses along ditches and those things were the hardiest plants I've ever grown...not to mention absolutely beautiful!

    Grace: It's actually 'Tall Tails'...I had no idea the blooms start out with that pinkish tinge (it only last a week or 2) but it's a nice bonus...and they blooms are still lovely even after the color has faded out :-)

    Anna: Thanks!